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Cover Reveal: LORD OF LIES by Amy Sandas

We’re so excited for the cover reveal of Lord of Lies by Amy Sandas! Why? Mostly because we’re obsessed with the Fallen Ladies series and there’s so much to love about these characters. But partially? Partially, it’s because this cover has a little bit of everything we love in a great Romance cover. From the perfectly coy but classic Shirt That Is Sort of on the Male Lead But Not Really down to the Dress I Really Want But Can’t Possibly Exist in Reality, this cover has it all and we’re being big nerds about it.

But before we reveal anything, here’s a tantalizing look at the content:

“You do strange things to me, Dell Turner. Tell me I am not alone in what I feel.”

His voice was low and rough. His eyes burned. “You are not alone,” he said.
Portia Chadwick fears she’ll never have a life of adventure. But when a dangerous moneylender kidnaps her sister, Portia seeks help from a man known only as Nightshade. Soon she finds herself charging headfirst into his world of intrigue and danger—and unexpected passion.

Dell Turner grew up in London’s back alleys and gin lanes. Vowing to escape his low beginnings, he hires himself out to society’s elite. When he accepts a job from a beautiful young lady, he doesn’t anticipate her relentless determination to join his mad occupation, or her unnerving ability to inspire emotions he thought long buried. She’s as dangerous to him as his world is to her, and yet Dell can’t bring himself to turn Portia away… even if it means risking her life.

Alright. Now that you’ve had a taste, here’s the whole meal:

Lord Of Lies Amy Sandas

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