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GIVEAWAY: Opposites Attract in YA by J.C. Welker

Whether you ship canon characters or non-canon characters one thing will always draw me into a book more than others, and that is the archetypal opposites attract story. What I like to call the “annoyance to love” trope. When two characters seem to be opposites in everything they think and do, only to discover that love unites them in ways beyond those differences and they learn they’re more alike than not.

Though in some cases opposites don’t always attract, but when it does work…there will be sparks and fireworks, and lips touching, and stars forming. In my heart of hearts I will always be a lover of these types of stories and here are three reasons why:

  1. The slow burn

Some of my favorite books and shows have been the ones with a painfully slow burn between two characters from the first meet. It’s that initial attraction, something about them that immediately makes you interested. Having them at odds with each other can make every moment unpredictable. And when they are thrust into a particular situation where they must work together towards a goal a slow spark begins, until eventually…everything is on fire. Think Nina and Matthias from Six Of Crows, or Root and Shaw from Person of Interest.

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