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The Accidental Fairy Tale Series | Gina Conkle

Happy accidents are the best kind. You meet a stranger and conversation clicks. An out-the-blue talk with a friend turns into an unexpected opportunity. Or, my favorite, an unplanned project comes together and—voila! —a romance series is born.

This was the birth of the Midnight Meetings series. I never intended to share the first book, Meet the Earl at Midnight, with the world. Lord Edward and Lydia’s story was meant to be my break from writing Viking romance. It started when I hunkered down on a rare, rainy California day and wrote a scene that kept playing in my head.

The first half poured out. Satisfied with my side-trip into 18th century Georgian England, I parked Lord Edward and Lydia and went back to Vikings.

Once I signed with my agent, the rubber met the road. She asked me what else I had, so I told her about my half-done Georgian story. She read the partial manuscript and came back with, “When can you finish this?” The manuscript went out on submission and in three weeks caught the interest of two editors. It was mind-boggling. I had to come up with two more story ideas to make a complete three-book series…but we weren’t in fairy tale mode until my new editor, Leah Hultenschmidt, took control.

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