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“What do porn stars find erotic?” is a question that has baffled the minds of adult film fans for decades. Thanks to adult film star and best-selling author of Insatiable and Dirty Thirty, Asa Akira, we finally get our answer—everything!

No one knows the world of sex and eroticism better than those in “the industry.” They’ve seen and done it all, from the weirdest fetishes to the most extreme positions, and now in this hot, new erotic collection they are going to test our own sexual repertoire. Asarotica features twenty-two erotic short stories by some of your favorite porn stars: Joanna Angel, Kayden Kross, Nina Hartley, and Asa Akira herself, among others.

Original, authentic, eye opening, and arousing, Asarotica guarantees to “get you there,” and to inspire a whole new generation to seek out unexpected pleasures…in books or in the bedroom.

Check out an exclusive excerpt below!


Camila had been single for a few years now. She had become the type of woman who prided herself on being a happy, unattached person. The first time she heard the phrase “fiercely independent,” she knew it would be how she would identify herself in the future. As most single women do, she had curated a stable of handsome men she would keep around for physical connections and sexual releases when she was in the mood.

Sometimes, while she was in the shower or stuck in traffic, Camila’s mind would wander, and she would find herself considering if she wanted anything more substantial. A more traditional relationship. But big-city dating had worn her patience thin, and she would inevitably conclude that having a handful of reliable, casual guys she could call on was as essential as paying the rent on time and doing the laundry.

It was a basic life skill.

Tonight, she was feeling particularly horny, which made Camila think she would be ovulating soon. Tonight, she was craving Julian. Tall—six-foot-two—with a substantial body that was neither fit nor unfit, Julian was a beautiful man. A photographer with the chiseled face of a model, he had long dreadlocks and a golden-brown complexion, both of which Camila had always loved. Most of all, Julian was strong and this turned her on. She texted him to see if he was available to see her that night.

When selecting her group of suitors, she was sure to include only men who were respectful of her time—appreciative of having the pure privilege to fuck her—and she knew Julian would text back within the hour. If he wasn’t available, she rationalized, she could always watch her favorite porn and use her Hitachi to get off. Sure enough, Julian responded promptly, letting her know that he was in the middle of a photoshoot, but that he would love to see her that night. They agreed on his place.

In spite of her laissez-faire attitude, Camila felt a wave of excitement, knowing the ecstasy that awaited her. She put on a full face of makeup and styled her hair. Having had many artists as lovers, her visual presentation would be as stimulating for Julian’s creativity as her tight, wet pussy would be for his cock. Camila’s body was soft, ample, and curvy. She loved wearing tight garments that hugged and showed off the weight she carried with confidence and satisfaction.

Camila knew the exact dress she would wear for tonight’s encounter. The black cotton/spandex blend that could be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the shoes and accessories with which it was paired. Expensive, but considering how much mileage she had gotten out of it, the dress was worth every penny. It hugged and accentuated her curves and cradled her breasts in the most flattering way. She knew she wouldn’t need to wear a bra or panties tonight.

Asarotica_Asa AkiraAbout the Author:

Asa Akira is a Japanese-American actress who has appeared in over 300 adult films. Her many awards include AVN’s “Performer of the Year” award in 2013. In addition to acting and writing, she hosts a regular podcast on sex and relationships and is the author of Insatiable: Porn, a Love Story.

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