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Aural Pleasures: Michelle Sharp’s TAMED BY THE OUTLAW

Tamed By The Outlaw Michelle Sharp

Hi everyone. My name is Michelle Sharp and I’m the author of Tamed by the Outlaw which is part of Lovestruck’s What Happens in Vegas series.

Today I was asked about how music influences my writing, and the truth is, I think music influences almost every writer. A great song that touches your heart can absolutely put you in the correct frame of mind to write a scene more powerfully. Sometimes a beautiful lyric can sum up in a sentence more emotion than what we as writers can convey in an entire scene.

So yes, I’m kind of a dork, but I always pick out a song that I think my hero and heroine would make their own if they had the opportunity to do so. I like to play it when I’m editing the more…cough, cough…intimate scenes. LOL.

Here’s how it happened for my characters in Tamed by the Outlaw. Jessie and Grayson are both strong, stubborn, take-no-prisoners personalities. But, if they’re being honest, they are both also completely hung up on the night they spent together a year ago. I had heard the song “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle on the show Castle before, but I had never really paid attention to the words. One night as I was working on Outlaw, I heard, I mean really heard the words to “In my Veins” and it struck me that this was totally their song.

Now in my other series, The Jordan Delany/Dream Huntress Series, I was driving down the road when John Legend’s “All of Me” came on the radio. It was the first time I had heard it and about halfway through the song, I actually had to pull over so I could listen more closely. The lyric’s absolutely haunted me at how well they portrayed Jordan and Ty.

I also love to listen to a bit more obscure song entitled “Heartache” by A Girl Called Eddy when I get to a scene full of heartbreak and angst. It really is beautiful. Check it out if you get the time. Some of my other writing favorites are:

Creed: “Higher”

Uncle Kracker: “Smile”

Bette Midler: “When a Man Loves a Woman”

Whitesnake: “Is This Love”

Beyonce: “Halo”

I guess the bottom line is that, yes, music is extremely important in my writing and as of right now, I haven’t made a specific playlist for each book. But now I’m thinking I just might go back and do that.

Award-winning author, Michelle Sharp, has been nominated for a 2014 National Readers Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense and Best First Book. In addition, her debut novel Dream Huntress has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Daphne Du Maurier award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense.

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri has made her a die-hard Cardinals fan, and having a child with Down Syndrome has made her passionate about any issue regarding special needs kiddos. She’s also a fairly big sucker when it comes to anything with fur or feathers.

Michelle can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and

Tamed by the Outlaw is free for the week of Feb. 21 through 27. Don’t miss the huge Entangled Lovestruck sale at Entangled Publishing.


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