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A book for every star sign! | Horoscope Book Recommendations

This year is all about healing the heart, Scorpio. It’s time to leave negative attitudes and stoic facades at the door and let others see the real, more vulnerable you.

Percy Freedman is not grieving. Absolutely not, take that back at once. No, he’s entirely sure that selling his dead aunt’s home and leaving the neighbors he’s known for years is the sane thing to do. Who in their right mind would keep the house that smells like all the hugs he’ll never have again?

Nobody, that’s who.

Well, except his cul-de-sac neighbors. They all seem to think some paint and new furniture will clean the emotional slate. They all want him to stay.

Even his old nemesis, Callaghan Glover.

Especially his old nemesis, Callaghan Glover.

Lured into a game of Sherlock Gnomes, Percy finds himself hanging out with his neighbors more than might be considered healthy. Along with juggling new and surprising verbal grenades from Cal, and his burgeoning friendship with Gnomber9, Percy is starting to wonder if selling might have been the grief talking after all . . .

That’s right, Scorpio. With a little patience, heartbreak might be a thing of the past . . .




Oh Aquarius, so wonderfully weird! You are all about openness, communication, and giving to those in need. Your willingness to help others makes you compassionate, and your high intellect makes for fascinating conversation. You need a romance that satisfies your need for mental stimulation as well as being creative and a bit offbeat.

My book pick for you: Flat-Out-Love, by Jessica Park.


image9With your dreaminess and desire to escape reality, Pisces, you crave a strong Happily Ever After. Caring, wise, and generous, you seek passion in your books. Lovers who forge a deep connection with their partners. Lovers who are resolutely loyal and who will go to the ends of the earth for the one they love.

My book pick for you: Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell

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Q&A: Tristan MacDougall from A STAR TO STEER HER BY

A Star To Steer Her By Beth Anne Miller

Love a man with a sexy accent, a good sense of humor, and a surprising wealth of knowledge on sailing? Meet Tristan of A Star To Steer Her By!

Beth: Tristan, thanks for taking a few minutes of your time in Puerto Rico to chat with me on the phone.

Tristan: I’ll always make time for you, Beth. (said in delightful Scottish burr).

Beth: swoons Thanks, Tristan. So, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself, where you’re from, that sort of thing?

Tristan: Sure. I’m twenty-one years old, and I’m from just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. I’m currently working as a deckhand on a schooner that runs a semester-at-sea program. We’re at various ports-of-call throughout the Caribbean for the next six weeks or so and then we head up the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. to New York.

Beth: Sounds pretty heavenly to be in the Caribbean right now, given the cold weather in New York.

Tristan: Aye, it is.

Beth: What’s it like to work with students who have never been sailing before? Do you get frustrated with them when they don’t know what they’re doing?

Tristan: I love it. I grew up sailing with my parents, and since I learned it as a lad, it’s always been second-nature to me. It gets a wee bit frustrating if students tend the wrong line, or aren’t paying attention, or sit around idle when there’s clearly work to be done, but for the most part, they all take to it really well, and I love watching them learn to love being out at sea. There’s nothing like being in a squall, with the ship flyin’ across the water and the wind tearin’ at your hair.

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Guest Post: “That One Time At The School Dance” by Jenny Holiday

The Gossip Jenny Holiday

1980s nostalgia is strong in my heart, which is funny because, objectively speaking, I didn’t enjoy the 1980s that much. I have this disorder, see, where the image of things I build up in my head doesn’t always accord with my actual lived experience of those same things. (See: That One Time At Camp.) Welcome to Reality Check: 1980s Edition.

This is how the 1980s actually went for me:

I’m in tenth grade. I am a straight-A student. I am a reporter for the school newspaper. I am the co-president of the school’s Amnesty International chapter. As you can probably tell, I am a barrel of laughs. As you can probably also tell, I am single. (I know: shocking.)

The Fixer Jenny HolidayAt our school, different student groups can apply to sponsor the school dances. This means that we take in the money from concessions and ticket sales but have to staff the concessions stand, hire the DJ, advertise, and all that. So the Amnesty International group gets itself lined up to have a dance. Yay! Ours peers would be able to have fun but also, like, be educated about the plight of prisoners of conscience across the world. Win-win!

So I get ready for the dance. I’m probably wearing my rolled-up-and-safety-pinned jeans, black flats, matching black rubber bracelets, and an Amnesty T-shirt with the sleeves rolled. And of course, I have teased my bangs into “the claw” that is so inexplicably popular here in 1988. My two Amnesty co-presidents and I (because when you’re sixteen years old and you’re running an Amnesty International Chapter, that’s how you roll—God forbid that one person should just be in charge) sit down with the DJ to go over our opening set. We remind him that this is an alternative music dance. You, good sir, will be playing Midnight Oil, REM, the Cure, Edie Brickell, and U2. Yes, says the DJ. Got it.

Things go downhill from there. To be honest, it’s all a little bit of a blur in my mind, and not because anyone spiked the punch. (I would not have allowed that. Because I was so much fun in those days.) First, we vastly underrated the demand for Orange Crush and potato chips. The fun of operating the machine that dispenses the pop soon gives way to grim determination as the lines get longer. Everything is sticky. It’s a thousand degrees in the crowded, windowless lunchroom. All the Aquanet that has been holding my claw-bangs in place starts running down my face. Also, I have to do a lot of math in my head to make change, which…cue panic. (There’s a reason I became a writer.)

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Guest Post: “Top 5 Forbidden YA Romances” by Melissa Chambers

The Summer Before Forever Melissa Chambers

My name is Melissa, and I’m addicted to YA romance. Make that a forbidden YA romance, and I’ll see you when I’m done reading. So, of course I had to write one.

In my new novel, The Summer Before Forever, Chloe goes to Florida to live with her estranged father who is getting married at the end of the summer. Her heart goes gooey when she sees her future stepbrother who’s hotter than a steering wheel on a hundred degree Florida day. Chloe intrigues Landon in ways he’s never known and seems to know just the right thing to say when he drops his guard and lets her in. But in addition to the fact that they shouldn’t be together because they are getting ready to be family, the two each hold secrets that will change the way the other sees them, and neither one thinks they can handle that.

So in honor of Chloe and Landon, I present you with my top five forbidden YA romances.

1 – Anna and St. Clair in Anna and the French Kiss: Hands down my favorite YA romance. St. Clair may be the best-written YA romance hero ever, and as someone who is 5’10, I adore the fact that he is shorter than Anna! They are forbidden because he has a girlfriend. Why St. Clair, when Anna is wonderful and beautiful and you have chemistry more explosive than a Die Hard movie?

2 – Simon and Blue in Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda: Oh, how I fell in love with this book and these two heroes. Both boys are closeted, but have found each other. Problem is, neither boy knows who the other one is! Their relationship grows through email (Blue is afraid to give Simon his phone number), and they fall deeply and passionately for each other before they ever even see what the other person looks like. It’s exciting and scary and so freaking sweet. Oh, and if you are going to read this one for the first time, be sure to have a package of Oreos handy. You’ll thank me later.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn

Q&A: Robin Lovett of RACING TO YOU

Racing to You Robin Lovett

You know what’s better than gushing about Romance? Reading other people gush about Romance—especially when it’s an author that really knows her stuff! Check out our Q&A with the brilliant Robin Lovett, author of Racing To You! You’re not just in for a treat of excellent taste, Racing To You is out right now!



What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

Roman Holiday is an all-time favorite. Audrey Hepburn is wonderful, and I love spending a day touring Rome with her and Gregory Peck on a Vespa. I first saw it as a teenager when I was home sick from school—best sick day ever!


Shakespeare in Love makes me laugh and cry every time. Notting Hill for the adorable, hopeless romantic in Hugh Grant, and Bridget Jone’s Diary because she’s so awkward yet gets her man anyway. And I enjoy a good sports romance with sexy humor, so I have to add Wimbledon.

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Deal Alert: Leslie Wells, Nicola Italia, and Michaela Greene

We are so close to Friday we can taste it, so how about a celebratory Deal Alert? Don’t miss these amazing titles from Leslie Wells, Nicola Italia, and Michaela Greene!

Come Dancing by Leslie Wells

It’s 1981. Albums play on turntables, people read print books, and no one has to stop what they’re doing to answer a cell phone. Twenty-four-year-old Julia Nash has recently arrived in enticing but edgy Manhattan, where rent is cheap and being young and gifted is enough to get ahead. Witty, hard-working and intelligent, Julia strives at her job as a publisher’s assistant. As she learns to navigate the big city, she is also determined to make her mark. She dreams of being an editor with her own stable of authors—but it is hard to get promoted in the competitive book biz. Her greatest fear is not making it and having to return, tail between her legs, to her small hometown where her mother is waiting to say “I told you so”.

Julia likes to blow off steam by going dancing downtown with her best friend, Vicky. One night, a renowned and dissipated British guitarist invites them into his VIP section. Despite an entourage of models and groupies, Jack seems to pursue Julia—but she isn’t interested in a one-night-stand with an arrogant rock star. Intrigued by her resistance, Jack persists, and a tentative friendship forms based on their mutual love of the blues. When the two finally do come together, the built-up heat is sizzling.

Jack exposes Julia to the trappings of fame and fortune, from mind-bending recording sessions to mind-wasting backstage parties; from gritty SoHo punk-rock clubs, to luxurious hotel rooms barraged by screaming fans. Yet Julia is afraid to lose her heart to someone with such a decadent past. As she fends off her grabby boss and tries to move up the corporate ladder, Julia’s tempestuous relationship with Jack takes her to heights she’s never known—and plunges her into depths she’s never dreamed of.

Sensual and captivating, Come Dancing recalls the vibrant fashion and music milieu in a time of leather skirts, rubber bracelets, punk Mohawks, and funky street earrings. With a fascinating inside look at publishing, this entertaining story of a bookish young woman’s adventures with a rock superstar is hilarious, moving, and toe-curlingly steamy.

The Sheik's Son Nicola Italia
The Sheik’s Son by Nicola Italia

Mysterious Sebastian Fairfax lives a life of ease as secretary to the British Ambassador in France. Living in Paris before the revolution, the handsome foreigner cuts a dashing figure and is respected by men, admired by women.

One evening, he becomes intrigued with an intelligent young woman named Sophie Gauvreau, whom he meets at a celebrated salonist’s home. Though the auburn-haired beauty attracts his attention, she is not what she seems. Educated and privileged Sophie has secretly started writing revolutionary pamphlets under a pseudonym as France teeters on the brink of disaster.

When Sebastian discovers her true identity, he tries to warn Sophie of the danger she has embarked on, as an Inspector has been dispatched to discover the writer’s true identity. Sebastian agrees to marry the reckless beauty to keep her safe from harm.

Though Sebastian desires the redhead in his bed, the saucy Sophie accepts his help but places one condition on their marriage…it will be one of convenience.

As the two intelligent and strong willed people come to terms with their feelings for each other, France slides into a revolution. As the firstborn son of a great Arabian Sheik, Sebastian will do what he must to keep his wife safe and in his arms.

Love For Scale by Michaela Greene
Love For Scale by Michaela Greene

Twenty-seven-year-old Rachel Stern is in a rut. Despite her mother’s best efforts, she is still single. At two-hundred and forty-two pounds, she still lives at home, the victim of a constantly-cooking Jewish mother whose force-feeding techniques have become legendary.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Rachel’s Friday and Saturday evenings are spent with her parents and her Saturday mornings consist of wedding gown shopping with her also single best friend. She is clearly going nowhere. But at least she’s not alone. Until her best friend snags a boyfriend.

Finally, unable to stand herself and her weight problem anymore, Rachel signs up for Weight Watchers.

Finnegan Schwartz, a young man who has already been successful at the Weight Watchers program, having lost a hundred pounds, champions Rachel and becomes her impromptu weight loss coach and newest friend. Rachel soon learns there’s so much more to this funny and shy guy who she’d overlooked before.

Amid her mother’s overzealous attempts to fix her up, bizarre family dinners and crises that threaten to unravel the entire Stern family, will Rachel be able to find something she’s never thought was hers for the taking: self-acceptance?

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Guest Post: Tamara Mataya’s Top 5 Favorite Romance Novels

Missed Connections Tamara Mataya

Tamara Mataya here. I once heard someone say when asked their favourite book: ‘The next one.’ It’s not a feeling I share as I’m pretty loyal to the books I’ve fallen in love with, but I loved the idea of that because it feels so hopeful. The next book will always be filled with promise. Maybe it’s because the next one, before you crack that baby open, has all the potential in the world to become your absolute favourite book of all time. In a saturated market where readers are spoiled for choice in literally every subgenre, what do we read next?

I’m here to help!

I’m a public librarian as well as a writer, and my favourite days at work are the ones where people let me choose books for them. I’ll read nearly anything, and enjoy putting the right book into someone’s hands at the right time. Whether it’s for education or pure escape, making a match is a beautiful thing. I am literally surrounded by tens of thousands of books every day at work and sometimes I look around, wondering which book I’d love if only I took it off the shelf. We may not be in my library, but in random order, here are my top five favourite romance novels!

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Guest Post: “The Wounds That Shape Us” by Toni J Strawn

Not For a Moment Toni J. Strawn

We all carry wounds. The internal flaws that mark our character are created by events in our lives which form us…cause us to create shields or barriers to prevent getting hurt in the same way again. That is what a great hero or heroine is built of—their character arc sweeps them along from flawed and injured, through the story to find true love.

But what if a wound is more obvious that that? The external scars and flaws from injury and disease that confront our hero or heroine. A scarred face or noticeable limp, wasted limbs or ill-health that can often define our characters. There is something about the struggle to battle both a physical and physiological injury that grabs at our hearts and has us rooting for our hero to succeed against seemingly insurmountable odds to find love.

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Exclusive Excerpt: RUSH by Shae Ross

RUSH by Shae Ross

Okay, we had to stop ourselves from laughing long enough to get this exclusive excerpt of Rush, by Shae Ross, live! If you love amazingly snappy dialogue, this one’s for you! Rush is out now!

I’m going to kill my sister. Strike that. First, I’ll shave her bald, then I’ll kill her.

White ruffles billow around my legs. I’m following my best friend Jace to the entrance of the Rathskeller bar. It’s the night before Halloween and thanks to my sister Cate, who stole my badass ninja costume and left me hers, I’m dressed as Little Bo Peep. Despite the fact that I haven’t worn a dress in years and Cate doesn’t wear anything unless it’s fringed, feathered, or sequined, she thought this “stripper on her way to a carnival” look would work for me.

Double doors burst open, blasting the night air with riotous sounds from the crowd within. Anxiety bubbles in my swampy stomach as we sidestep the gang of sweaty men that are laughing and stumbling out. “Hey, look, it’s Cinderella,” one of them calls in a tone of drunken euphoria.

I locate the source—a stocky cowboy, grinning at me from under the brim of his Stetson. When I pass him, he turns and walks backward, opening his hands over an impressive beer belly. “Aw, where ya’ goin’? I got your Prince Charming right here.”

Jace loops her arm through mine and nods to his gut. “You need to reacquaint yourself with a mirror, my friend.” His buddies roar, nudging him toward the parking lot. I blow out a breath then instantly suck it back as Jace reaches for the door handle.

“Wait!” My palm slaps the door, and she pauses, staring at me with an expectant look. “I can’t do it. I’m sorry. I thought I could but—I just can’t.” I spin and lunge toward the parking lot but she catches the hem of my dress with a firm stomp. My corset tightens, pinching my ribs, and I jerk to a stop.

“Priscilla! Get your ruffled butt back here.”

I grab a fistful of fabric and yank. It springs loose, sending me staggering. I’m trying to make my getaway, but it’s like moving with a tent strapped to my waist. No wonder Little Bo Peep couldn’t find her sheep—she couldn’t fucking move. Jace pivots, squashing my split second of freedom with her other foot. Frustration rumbles up my throat and I glare at her, but she’s unfazed. Reddish-blonde bangs sweep low on her brow, enhancing the twinkle of victory in her blue eyes.

I twist and thrust my palms out. “Seriously, do you know how humiliating this is for me?”

“You oughta be owning that corset like Madonna in the eighties.”

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My Never-Ending TBR List: Look At All The Pretty Edition

I’ll admit up front that I’ve had almost no time to read. I went to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and then I had to do pesky stuff like write and pay attention to my family. Since we last met I was able to read Let It Shine by Alyssa Cole and Her Kind of Man by Elle Wright, but they weren’t on the list, so really we’re back to square one. Join me as I pile on.

I process things visually. If you try to give me instructions, I’ll probably turn around ask you for a diagram. In the films and TV shows I like, bright colors and stark contract are something they have in common. Jane the Virgin is visual crack for me, sooo many pretty colors. When I’m on the hunt for books I know better than to just hit that one-click based on cover alone. The blurb has got to snag me, which the blurbs for all the below titles did, once I read them. Here are a several books that have made me stop, do a double take and walk back to the shop window.

Sugar Love Victoria H. Smith
Sugar Love by Victoria H Smith


That’s some kind of name, isn’t it?

It wasn’t any type of name I’d heard of, but across the world, it seemed I was the only one.

You see, he’s an international superstar, talented, sexy, and one day, he comes walking into my record store. He tells me he wants to buy some music, and later on, wants to get to know me a little better.

I had no idea he was here for his American debut, nor that he was one of the most successful rappers South Korean music had ever seen. If I had, I might not have been so frazzled when I found out and accidentally kidnapped him.

But then again…

Maybe that wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

This cover is giving me sexy 80’s realness and I’m a sucker for a good interracial new adult romance.

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