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Katie Ruggle on Kick-Ass Heroines and Sisterhood

Gone Too Deep Katie Ruggle

As I was thinking about a topic for this blog post, I realized something. I talk a lot about heroes. I write a lot about heroes, about what makes a hero, how a hero expresses his love, why I have a little bit of extra adoration in my heart for a certain hero (George of Gone Too Deep).

But why, I asked myself, am I neglecting the heroines? I didn’t in the books. In my Search and Rescue series, I wrote each one almost exclusively from the heroine’s point of view, even when that was difficult (ahem…I’m looking at you, Daisy). The women were able to express their feelings and their motivations and their experiences directly, while readers got to know the heroes through the heroines’ eyes. My female characters also did a fair amount of ass-kicking, saving the heroes just as many times—if not more—than they themselves were saved.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: FAN THE FLAMES by Katie Ruggle

Fan The Flames Katie Ruggle

Okay, so I accidentally sneaked a peek at this entire excerpt and let me tell you: adorable, tense, and there’s a dog! Check out the perfect storm of everything we want in this bit from Katie Ruggle‘s Fan The Flames, out now!

They returned to the station after a quick stop to gas up the truck, and Steve gave Ian hand signals from the ground to help direct him in backing the truck into its spot. The two firemen who hadn’t gone on the call had finished cleaning up from training, so it didn’t take long before everyone was calling their good nights and heading to the parking lot.

Rory stared at Ian’s Bronco, her stomach twisting. In the excitement of the call, she’d forgotten that he’d driven her into town. All she wanted to do was hide in her bunker and process the evening—or maybe just hide in her bunker, full stop. The processing could wait.

“Ready?” Ian opened the passenger door and waited for her to get into the SUV. With a sigh, she swung onto the seat, appreciating the relatively short climb in comparison to the rescue truck. He closed the door and rounded the hood while she watched him, feeling like a rabbit crouched in a woodpile as a coyote circled her hiding spot.

Shaking her head to clear it of her fanciful thoughts, she kept her eyes off Ian as he got into the driver’s seat. Instead, she focused intently on fastening her seatbelt, impatient with her ricocheting emotions. Somehow, just the act of getting into his vehicle had transformed the night back into a date.

“Does it ever make you nervous?” she blurted, desperate to put off the awkward silence she just knew was waiting to descend.

“Does what make me nervous?” Giving her a curious look, he cranked the engine.

“Driving. After seeing so many accidents.”

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Katie Ruggle on Forensics, Nerdery, and HOLD YOUR BREATH

Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle

When I started working on a police Crime Scene Team, I discovered something: I’m a forensics nerd. On the first day of training, a whole world opened up, one overflowing with the possibility of evidence. No fingerprints? Then check for shoe prints. No? Let’s try DNA. Or maybe fibers or gun powder residue or bullet casings or anything else that could have been left behind at the scene.

The processes available fascinated me. At one burglary scene, we found a pair of used latex gloves. The burglar’s fingerprints could be on the inside of the gloves, but how could they be retrieved? After (very carefully) turning each finger inside out, we hung them in a Plexiglas container with a small amount of superglue and secured the airtight lid. When we heated the superglue, a fog-like vapor filled the space.

The superglue vapor attached to what the person wearing the gloves had left behind (amino acids, fatty acids and proteins), leaving a white residue that followed the lines of the latent prints. In this way, the invisible became visible and told us who’d been wearing the gloves (in this case, the home owner. It turned out that he’d faked the burglary to get insurance money).

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Q&A: HOLD YOUR BREATH’s Katie Ruggle

Hold Your Breath Katie Ruggle

Katie Ruggle is the author of an upcoming romantic suspense Search & Rescue series. The first book in the series, Hold Your Breath, doesn’t release until April 5th but you can get a taste of the series by downloading the free prequel novella, On His Watch, which is available now. We asked Katie to stop by and answer a few rapid fire questions! Welcome Katie Ruggle!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Both please! If I have to choose, I’d pick vanilla—the fancy kind with real beans. Mmm…vanilla. Now I’m going to need dessert after my pizza and margarita dinner.

Pepsi or Coke?

Eh, neither really. I’ve never been a pop drinker, except when doing long drives from Colorado to Minnesota and needing caffeine but not wanting to get that fast-talking-and-possible-heart-attack-having feeling from coffee (see “Coffee or Tea” answer above). Honestly, I can’t taste a difference between Pepsi and Coke.

What is something you know you need to stop doing?

So many things… I need to quit checking my reviews; eating so many cookies; obsessing over comma placement and whether or not to use subjunctive tense while I’m writing (the grammar nerd in me can’t help it!); considering popcorn and Hot Tamales candy a balanced meal; procrastinating and just unpack those final two moving boxes tucked upstairs, out of sight.

I never get tired of ___ ?

Fun one! Reading good books; talking about said good books with others who are just as excited about them as I am; writing what will hopefully be good books; walking in the woods right after it snows when the only other tracks besides mine and the dogs’ are wild creatures’; riding horses; learning new things, especially those that make me feel strong and brave; target shooting (I love the smell of gunpowder—odd, right?); spending time with my family (they’re overall awesome people); SCUBA diving; helping others in a crisis (or just with something small); getting to know my (sometimes quirky) neighbors; being as self-sufficient as possible; visiting new places. Okay, I’ll stop now. 🙂

When she’s not writing, Katie Ruggle rides horses, shoots guns, and travels to warm places where she can SCUBA dive. Graduating from the Police Academy, Katie received her ice-rescue certification and can attest that the reservoirs in the Colorado mountains really are that cold. While she still misses her off-grid, solar- and wind-powered house in the Rocky Mountains, she now lives in Rochester, Minnesota near her family.

Katie can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and

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