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Welcome to the New EverAfter Romance!

Welcome to EverAfter Romance

Confession time: We’ve been keeping a secret from you. All those nights we told you we were working late at the office? Um… Well, we actually were working late at the office. Building something fabulous! And now we’re ready to share it with you.

Welcome to the new EverAfter Romance community site, a publisher-neutral space for all things romance. We’ll have book reviews, guest posts, author interviews, excerpts, cover reveals, and author-created playlists, but that’s not all! We’ll also be sharing other things romance fans love, like TV recaps, film and music reviews, video game and comic book reviews, and even travel and food spotlights! You can also sign up for our email newsletter to let you know when we’ve added cool new things to read and share yourself.

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Comic Books and Romance: Four-Color Love Stories

Goodbye To Romance ComicsSo you’ve finished your book. Your heroine is done pining—maybe she’s changed some hearts, charmed some rogues, or busted some skulls—in any case, the romantic lead is hers. You, however, have tossed the book out of arm’s reach, set it on the shelf like ashes on a mantle, or buried it in the backyard—we all handle things differently. It’s over. My condolences.

But what if I could promise you endless romance? Something that doesn’t end once, with a sigh, but loops on for eternity, each time new and different, yet still familiar.

“That sounds like a lie, woman I’ve never met before,” you say, remembering your first disappointing bite of a candy whose label described it as “chocolatey”.

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