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Best “Wrongly Accused” Romances with Linda Broday!

CVR To Marry a Texas Outlaw
I don’t think there’s anything that can grab hold of a reader quite like a character who’s wrongly accused of a crime. Immediately, The Fugitive comes to mind. I watched that series faithfully, cringing when Richard Kimball almost got caught. He’d been accused of murdering his wife and he’s searching for the one-armed man who actually did it.

In To Marry a Texas Outlaw, Luke Legend admits to robbing stagecoaches and a bank or two but now he’s accused of killing a federal judge and the price on his head is high. He’s on the run and looking for the man who framed him. After three years, he still knows very little except that the man has assumed the false identity of Ned Sweeney. He has no idea what he looks like.

Finally, armed with credible information that Ned Sweeney is at Dead Horse Creek, Luke is on his way to intercept him when he spies a woman tied up and gagged beneath a tree on the prairie. At first, he thinks she’s dead but discovers she’s alive then learns she has amnesia.

The only thing he can do is forget about getting his hands on Sweeney and help her. But it hurts to be this close only to let the man get away again.

Out of the many favorite books and movies that feature someone wrongly accused of a crime, here are my top five:

Hang ‘Em High with Clint Eastwood. I love this movie and watch it every time I run across it. A rancher minding his own business, Eastwood is caught by a group of vigilantes looking for a rustler. They refuse to listen to anything he tells them and hang him. Of course, he manages to free himself before he dies and begins to search and kill each one responsible for his hanging.

Dark Passage is a movie with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. This is a fascinating story of a man who was wrongly convicted of killing his wife. He escapes from prison and goes looking for the one responsible. Bogart alters his appearance with plastic surgery and then the story takes a twist. The friend with whom he’s staying to recuperate is murdered and he’s accused of that. There are lots of twists and turns and it ends with Bogart and Bacall having left the country and in a bar in Peru. He never clears his name.

Texas Splendor is a book by Lorraine Heath and about the youngest Leigh brother who is unjustly accused and sent to prison for murdering a man. He’s released after five years and heads home to marry the woman he hadn’t been able to forget but finds her already married to someone else. As he searches for the killer in order to clear his name, he meets and falls in love with another woman. The real killer is found and confesses and Austin Leigh marries Loree Grant.

‘Til Death is written by Sharon Sala. I devour every new book by Sharon Sala but this one was sort of special. After twenty years of being wrongly convicted of killing his father, Lincoln Fox goes home to find the one really responsible. He rescues his childhood sweetheart, Meg Lewis, who believes in him from a blizzard and he learns that she’s being stalked. There’s a darkness in Rebel Ridge in the Appalachian Mountains. Unemployment is high and you have your pick of suspects. This book is about lies and deceit, greed and money and the depths people will go to in order to keep the secrets. Lincoln finally uncovers them all and finds his father’s killer. Oh, and he gets the girl too.

Hummingbird by LaVyrle Spencer is a such a great story. Following a train robbery, two severely injured men are taken to the nearby home of spinster, Abigail McKinzie. One man is a mild-mannered shoe salesman who saved the day. The other is a black-hearted gunslinger wrongly accused of the robbery. This is a wonderful love story between Abigail and Jesse and is to be savored as a fine wine.

Maybe you’ve read some of these or watched the movies but if not, it might be a good time to pop some popcorn and settle in. I hope you enjoy To Marry a Texas Outlaw. This is the last book in my Men of Legend series. Texas Outlaw Legends begins late 2018.

CVR To Marry a Texas OutlawABOUT THE BOOK: 

Outlaw Luke Weston survives by his wits. On the run for a murder he didn’t commit, the last thing he needs is to go looking for more trouble. But when Luke stumbles across a fiercely beautiful woman struggling against two heavily armed men, it’s obvious that trouble has found him.

After all, he never could resist a damsel in distress.

Josie Morgan’s distressed, all right—and hopping mad. She has no idea why she’s been kidnapped…or who she is…or why her body melts for the mysterious gunslinger who saved her life. But as the lost memories come tumbling back together, Josie is faced with the stark reality of why she and Luke can never be…even as her heart is telling her she will always be his.

At a young age, Linda Broday discovered a love for storytelling, history, and anything pertaining to the Old West. Cowboys fascinate her. There’s something about Stetsons, boots, and tall rugged cowboys that get her fired up. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda has won many awards, including the prestigious National Readers’ Choice Award and the Texas Gold Award. She resides in the Texas Panhandle and is inspired every day.

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