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Weekend Reading


  • Earlier this week, Jaci Burton revealed the cover of her sixth Hope series book, Don’t Let Go. It will be out in July 2016.
  • Goodreads has opened up voting in its Best Books of 2015 event. The first round is happening now!
  • Ever wonder if sex scenes are as fun to film as they are to watch? Wonder no more! Many stars from steamy scenes share the reality of filming those hotter-than-hot scenes.
  • …But if you want to read romance novels without so much graphic sex, a new site called BookScouted helps you find them (h/t to Laura K. Curtis):


It’s an unfortunate fact that books with lower heat levels get less buzz, fewer reviews, and smaller marketing opportunities.

Whether you’re here because you like your sexy times off page (or not at all) OR you just want to know about the good books you’re not hearing about, we’re for you.

For us, this is about getting a hidden market out to readers.

A quick note: Our books aren’t religiously based. They’re just good books of all genres you may have missed.



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