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Things I Would Like To See More Of in Romance | Alexis Abbott

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A lot of authors start writing because there’s something they want to read that isn’t already available. I know that when I started writing bad boy romances, the bad boys were BAD BOYS. All in caps, bad to the bone, cruel, rough talking, rough acting bad boys.

And I love those bad boys. But I wanted something a little softer, and a little more delicate. Bad Boys not all in caps.

So that’s the type of bad boy I write. I write the bad boys that aren’t bad to the bone. I write redeemable bad boys who are doing bad things for the right reason. Bad boys that are inspired by beauty and passion and love as much as they’re shaped by the darkness that surrounds them.

I wanted to write about stories of finding light, even in the middle of a moonless night. Stories of romance that perseveres, and love that changes the hero and the heroine for the better.

I fully believe in the power of love and romance, and I love seeing characters who hit rock bottom, and who desperately need that softness in their life.

My heroines redeem my bad boys, in one way or another. Whether she’s the highschool sweetheart who got away, like in Bound for Life, or she’s a smart talking journalist like in Saved by the Hitman, they’re the ones that see something in the bad boys. They see something beautiful, and in need of protecting, despite their hard exteriors.

I’d really like to see more of that. Dark stories, but the relationships aren’t dark. As much as I love dark romance – and I do – I find something so inspiring about a guy from the wrong side of the track treating his partner with love and respect. I love seeing a man who respects his partner’s tenderness, and instead of exploiting it, wants to draw it out and nourish it, and be nourished in return.

I like to think that I see the beauty, even in the hardest people, and the most horrible circumstances. I want to believe that there’s good in everyone, and that if they’re given a chance, they can flourish and thrive and bring goodness to the world.

So I think that’s what I’d most want to see, and that’s what I try to write. I write about bad boys that respect women, who understand and appreciate their differences, and who want to help them be their best selves. And I write about women who are strong and independent in their own ways, who maybe just have to break out of their shell before they can find themselves. My female characters are resilient. They persevere, and no matter how out of their element, no matter how dangerous things are, they’re strong.

It’s two different types of strong, but I think that’s the beauty of a loving relationship. Both of them can lean on one another, like a puzzle, fitting together so perfectly.

Two parts of one whole.

Alexis Personal Cover Bound for LifeALEXIS ABBOTT is a USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes about bad boys protecting their girls! Pick up her books today and find yourself transported with super steamy sex, gritty suspense, and lots of romance.

She also writes as Alex Abbott for her erotic thrillers and contemporary romance.

She lives in beautiful St. John’s, NL, Canada with her amazing husband.

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