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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Kari Lynn Dell’s RECKLESS IN TEXAS

Reckless In Texas Kari Lynn Dell

Got the Monday fatigue? We’ve got just what you need (Nice. Didn’t even need to try rhyming!). Here’s a heart-pumping exclusive excerpt of Kari Lynn Dell‘s Reckless in Texas, out now!

Joe signed his name in savage, illegible slashes, passed the program back to the girl, then stepped down the fence into the shade of the bucking chutes to watch the last couple of bareback riders. A skinny guy from Waxahachie settled onto the back of a buckskin they’d named Thumper, for good reason. The stocky gelding pounded the ground like it had insulted his mama. That kid better be stronger than he looked, or this wasn’t going to end well.

The cowboy cocked his arm back and nodded. He spurred the hell out of Thumper clear to the end of the chute gate, then the horse jammed his front feet in the dirt and jacked the kid up onto the rigging. The next lunge whipped his shoulders back and his head slammed off Thumper’s butt. He went limp, knocked out cold. Joe sprang away from the chute, racing toward the middle of the arena as Violet and Cole spurred into action.

The cowboy’s body flopped off the side of the horse, his weight pinning his gloved hand in the rigging. Thumper dragged him by one arm, boneless, defenseless, the horse’s rear hooves crashing down around his legs. Violet rode hard to the horse’s left side while Cole came up on the right to flip the catch on the flank strap so the buckskin would stop kicking. They thundered around the end of the arena, three abreast. Violet made a lunging grab and got hold of the back strap of the cowboy’s chaps, hauling up hard to lift his body out of harm’s way. Thank God he was a scrawny little shit, Joe thought as he sprinted to meet them.

Cole bailed onto Thumper’s neck the way a steer wrestler would jump a steer. He buried his feet in the dirt, his arm locked around the buckskin’s nose, his mass and strength too much for even the stout gelding.

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Steals & Deals

Deal Alert: Kennedy Layne, Melinda Leigh, and D’Elen McClain

We are so close to the weekend we can taste it, so how about a celebratory Deal Alert? Don’t miss these amazing titles from Kennedy Layne, Melinda Leigh, and D’Elen McClain!

Red Starr Box Set: Vol 1 by Kennedy Layne

From USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne comes a thrilling hostage rescue series that will lead you down perilous paths of passion, intrigue and suspense…

Starr’s Awakening (Red Starr, The Prequel)

Catori Starr has been lost in a crippling grief since losing her husband, Red. Since learning he went MIA on a rescue mission abroad, she has existed more than lived. She’s a shell of who she used to be. Restarting Red Starr HRT is a last-ditch opportunity to overcome her pain–and keep her husband’s legacy alive. With a team of cherry-picked men, she must now decide if she’s willing to set aside a years-old grief to begin a new life filled with the potential of fated dreams…or deadly peril.

Hearths of Fire (Red Starr, Book One)

Neal Bauer tried returning home once before and he found that some things aren’t meant to be. When a local cult invades the town of Hearth and draws a family friend into their way of life, he has no choice but to try again. He hadn’t expected the dormant fires of a past love to resurface, but is it possible to rekindle their smoldering passion when it could all be taken away by a sinister faction who has other plans for their future?

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Em Petrova’s KICKIN’ UP DUST

Kickin' Up Dust Em Petrova

Western Romance fans, we have something special just for you! When Danica loses her brother and Brodie loses his best friend, they consider a piece of themselves lost forever. Until they find each other. Two childhood friends come together in the wake of war and loss. The amazing Em Patrova is heating things up in this exclusive excerpt of Kickin’ Up Dust, out now!

Danica could almost feel her ovaries exploding as she drank in the image of Sergeant Brodie Bell. He must have packed on fifty pounds of solid muscle since going off to war with her brother. His arms were roped, his biceps bursting from his T-shirt sleeves. And mother of pearl, the way his jeans hung on his hips could make a girl go a little crazy.

Her nipples were two tight buds, and she feared he could see them distending her top, since she hadn’t bothered with a bra after her shower. All day long the torture device had dug into her shoulders and chafed her sides. Someday maybe she’d fabricate and patent a bra made for cowgirls. One a girl could rope and ride in without discomfort.

She watched Brodie’s face change as they stared at each other.

“You lost the braces.”

Oh hell. Was that all he saw when he looked at her? That she no longer had buck teeth? In school they’d called her Easter, because someone said her teeth resembled the Easter Bunny’s.

“Yeah, Pup. What of it?” She shot him a grin, quite aware of how perfect her problem area was now.

A ghost of a smile tipped the corner of his lips but he didn’t let it reach his eyes. Those were the deepest brown, nearly black. Cool, calculating almost. She could easily see how battle and probably the latest events had changed him.

“That nickname can’t rile me anymore. What do you think they called me in boot camp?” He extended his forearm, where a cute little black puppy was tattooed. Its jaws were wide open, and blood dripped off its fangs.

She noted the veins snaking over his arm and felt her nipples tighten further. What was the matter with her? This wasn’t the time for lust or the person to lust over. Matt was dead, and Brodie had the horrifying job of delivering his belongings to her parents.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: 5 Great Romantic Movies from Mia Hopkins

Cowboy Cocktail Mia Hopkins

Thank you so much for having me on EverAfter!

Today I’d like to share my top five favorite romantic movies. The list is pretty eclectic, but all of these movies have elements that remind me of Clark and Melody, the sexy friends-to-lovers from my latest release, Cowboy Player.

Like the heroines of Moonstruck and Amélie, Melody resists falling in love—she’s a busy woman, and she’s long given up on romance. Like the characters in It Happened One Night, Clark and Melody share lots of banter. Like City Lights and Eat Drink Man Woman, Clark and Melody’s story has a big reveal at the end.

City Lights (1931)

This silent movie from 1931 is one of my favorites. Without any spoken dialogue, Charlie Chaplain tells the sweet story of a tramp and the blind flower vendor he loves. The visual gags are amazing, but the final scene between the two main characters is full of genuine emotion—I was in tears the first time I saw it. (And by “in tears” I mean full-on crying!)

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: NO ONE BUT YOU by Leigh Greenwood

No One But You Leigh Greenwood

Hard times call for desperate measures in this absolutely engrossing excerpt from No One But You by Leigh Greenwood, out July 5th, 2016!

“Mrs. Winborne is looking for someone to help her on her ranch,” Rose explained. “I told her you were the perfect man for the job.”

“Why me?” Salty asked, turning to George. “Are you dissatisfied with my work?”

“Of course not,” George said. “I’d hate to see you leave, but I wouldn’t want to do anything that would stand in your way.”

“Stand in the way of what?”

“Mrs. Winborne’s offer is a little out of the ordinary,” Rose said. “I’ll let her explain it. George, why don’t you take Jared into the kitchen? I made gingerbread which he might like. Then you can round up Zac and Tyler to help me with dinner.”

Salty would have been happy to look for George’s two youngest brothers himself, but it looked like there was no way out of this interview. He didn’t know whether it would be kinder to tell Mrs. Winborne right away that he wasn’t interested in leaving the Circle Seven, or allow her to explain her offer and then turn her down.

“I can tell you’re uncomfortable with being put on the spot,” Sarah said.

“A little,” Salty agreed.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Scenes in SADDLE UP to Make You Laugh & Blush

Saddle Up Victoria Vane

We are so thrilled to have Victoria Vane on our blog! Today she’s sharing  one scene from Saddle Up that made her laugh and one that made her blush!

Saddle Up is an emotionally engaging story. I ran the whole gamut of emotions while writing it.  My hero and heroine are both sympathetic characters who are disillusioned with their dreams and now trying to find their place in the world.  While Keith is jaded, Miranda is still idealistic enough to want to make a difference in the world.  It is my hope that readers will find Saddle Up to be an emotionally engaging story. The ending is satisfying but also bittersweet and may even bring on a tear or two.

There are several scenes that will definitely inspire a good chuckle.  Here’s a favorite funny snippet between Miranda and her grandmother, Jo-Jo:

“When we’re finished here, we should also go and take a look at some used equipment. With winter coming on, we’re going to have to feed a lot of hay to those mustangs. I think we might need a bale splitter. I wish I hadn’t already sold ours, but I didn’t think I’d ever need one again. I’m hoping we might be able to rent one.”

“Shouldn’t we wait until we hire someone to help us?” Miranda asked.

“I suppose we could,” Jo-Jo agreed. “I’ve just become used to doing everything myself. To be honest, now that you’re doing my morning chores, I’m not even sure how to occupy my time.”

“That’s probably a good thing. You’ve worked hard for a lot of years. You should do something for yourself now, Jo-Jo. Something you enjoy.”

“You mean like reading, knitting, or needlework?” Jo-Jo rolled her eyes. “I’ve tried all of those things over the years, but never could sit still long enough to do any of them.”

“Then maybe you need to find something more active? How about a yoga class?”

“Yoga? Sweetheart, I’ve had no reason to put my legs around my neck since Bud passed on.”

“Jo-Jo!” Miranda squealed.

“Don’t look so scandalized.” Jo-Jo laughed. “I’ll have you know I’ve read the Kama Sutra cover to cover.” She added with a wink, “You gotta spice things up from time to time when you’re with the same man for fifty-some years.”

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Nicole Helm’s Favorite Places to Write

Outlaw Cowboy Nicole Helm

When I sit down to write, I have to do it in my house. I would love to work outside on a nice day, or in coffee shops, libraries, museums—but I am far, far, far too distracted by people watching. So, because it produces the most words, home is my favorite place to sit down and write.

At home, there are two places I write that fulfill two different needs for me. I love them both for different reasons, and they both function in different ways. I’m not sure I could pick one place, because I write at random times, whenever I can squish in a few minutes, so even if I had a dedicated office room, I’m not sure I’d stay in one place.

But, I have two main places in my house that I go to work when I know I have to work.

We’ll call the first one: Fancy Pants Author Desk.

Writing Place PIc 1

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: RODEO SUMMER by Jillian Neal

Rodeo Summer Jillian Neal

We are so excited to bring you this little taste of Jillian Neal’s Rodeo Summer. This brilliant Contemporary Western is out right now!

When the doors opened on the upper floor, he stepped onto the plush carpeting and halted abruptly. What the hell? Rushing his steps, he headed towards Summer, seated on the floor with her head in her hands right outside Brant Preston’s hotel room.

“Summer?” He stood in front of her. She wasn’t escaping until she explained herself. “What the hell are you doing in front of Brant’s suite?”

She lifted those eyes that he swore held the secrets of the whole damn universe and stared at him. The wildfire he’d seen there before was gone. Pain and fear broadcast from every square inch of her beautiful body.

“Talk, darlin’. Because I’m trying to keep my cool, but if I’m about to find out that you just walked way over a mile in the dark from the hotel you had me leave you at with ten-dozen half-drunk assholes out and about in this tourist-trap town looking for something sweet to take a’holt of, I’m gonna have something to say about it. I thought you hated Brant.”

She swallowed, and he edged closer. Rubbing her hands over her eyes, she slumped and then returned her gaze to his. “I do hate Brant. I always did.”

“Then why are you looking to get in his room?”

“I’m not.” She stared up at him, narrowing her eyes defiantly. “I’m in front of Brant’s room … because my little boy is in there.”

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: MUST LOVE COWBOYS by Cheryl Brooks

Must Love Cowboys Cheryl Brooks

We’re thrilled to bring you this little taste of Must Love Cowboys by Cheryl Brooks! This modern western Romance is out April 5th, 2016!


“Sure glad you talked us into getting that AED for the bunkhouse,” Bull said to Wyatt. Only then did I realize the only part of Bull that was adequately covered was his upper lip.

Too late, I glanced away.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

“Calvin’s the reason I wanted it,” Wyatt said. “I knew we’d have to use it on him someday.”

“You okay?” Dean’s voice in my ear nearly had me jumping out of my skin.

“Yeah. I heard him…tapping on the wall, moaning.”

“Good thing you were here,” Dean said. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t have found him until morning.”

Shivering, I turned in his embrace, making no protest as he held me against his bare chest, my arms folded over my breasts. Considering how scantily clad the rest of the men were, I was afraid to look down.

Wyatt sat back on his heels and pulled his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face. “He’s not out of the woods yet, and we’re a long damn way from a hospital.” He glanced at Sonny. “Better check his medicine cabinet and see what he’s on.”

“If he’s anything like my grandfather,” I said, “he has plenty of meds he doesn’t take.”

Wyatt nodded. “Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. He’s a stubborn old cuss.”

Sonny returned a few moments later, an assortment of pill bottles stashed in a sling made from the front of his T-shirt. “He’s got lots of them.”

Wyatt examined the bottles, one by one. “Judging from the dates on these, he hasn’t taken them in months.”

There it was again—that fatalistic I’m already dead, so why bother attitude. Calvin obviously subscribed to it, but that didn’t mean the rest of us had to like it. I could sense Wyatt’s frustration—the expression in his eyes, the tautness of his stance. Oh, yes. I knew that feeling quite well. The utter futility of trying to save someone who didn’t want to be saved.

Nevertheless, they had saved Calvin—at least for the moment. When he regained consciousness, he might thank them or he might hate them for interfering. Grandpa had threatened to come back and haunt us if we ever resuscitated him. I wondered if Calvin had voiced his opposition to having an AED in the building. Obviously it was there to be used on anyone who might need it. Bull and Joe both appeared to be in their forties, and though they seemed healthy enough, Bull was also a smoker, and it wouldn’t be the first time a man their age had heart trouble. Calvin, however, was still the most likely recipient.

One glance at Wyatt proved he was itching to do more. Although firefighters had first responder training, Wyatt didn’t seem satisfied even with that skill level. I could see the need in his eyes—even the way he breathed—he wanted to start an IV, whip out a scalpel, and perform open heart surgery right there on the bunkhouse floor.

And this man was a cowboy?

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Cover Reveals

Cover Reveal: Rosanne Bittner’s LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE

Guys, we are so thrilled to host the smokey cover reveal for the legendary Rosanne Bittner’s Love’s Sweet Revenge, out September 6th! Take a peek below:

It’s cover reveal time at last! My fans have been waiting to see the cover for my third “Outlaw” story involving Jake and Randy Harkner for ages. The image for this cover was created by the wonderful Jon Paul, whose covers are tasteful, gorgeous, spot-on to the story and always glamorous. I wish he could design all my book covers because after three books in a row with covers from Jon Paul I am becoming very spoiled!

Love’s Sweet Revenge is the third book in the continuing story of wanted man Jake Harkner (Outlaw Hearts). The second book in the trilogy, Do Not Forsake Me was a finalist for the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for Best Historical Novel of the Year for 2015! If you loved Jake and Randy in the first two books, you will truly enjoy their continuing story as the settle into a more peaceful life on a ranch in Colorado. That is until, once again, Jake’s past comes back to haunt all of them. The outcome leads to Love’s Sweet Revenge!

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