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Q&A + GIVEAWAY: Elizabeth Moss of ROSE BRIDE

Rose Bride Elizabeth Moss

Dual joy/pain of these Q&As? Our TBR pile is currently so full of books we’d have to be millionaires (though, I’d settle for several thousand-aires) to afford them all. And just when I think I’ve honed the discipline to resist, Elizabeth Moss, brilliant author of Rose Bride, comes along and—long story short, I have so much to read now, including Rose Bride, which is 1. amazing and 2. out now! 


What are your five favorite movies with romance/romantic elements?

You’ve Got Mail

Pride & Prejudice

French Kiss


Kate & Leopold


Describe your favorite scene from each one (you can included a YouTube clip if you would like).

You’ve Got Mail – my fav scene is where Joe Fox visits Kathleen Kelly when she has a cold. He tucks her into bed and hands her tissues while she tells him about Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. It ought to be unromantic – but of course, it’s absolutely the opposite and shows that these two are meant to be a couple.



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