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Aural Pleasures

Aural Pleasures: “Is It Possible To Be Castrated By A Playlist?” by Samanthe Beck

Emergency Engagement Samanthe Beck

Massive thanks to EverAfter Romance for having me on the blog today!

Did the title of the post catch your eye? I hope so, because Beau Montgomery, the hero of my latest Brazen, asks himself this very question in the opening lines of Emergency Engagement. He’s a paramedic, so he knows the strict medical answer is no, but a man can only take so many breakup anthems blasting from the apartment across the hall before he starts to lose his grip.

I can also attest that the spouse of a writer working on a scene involving a heroine hosting her own, personal men-suck music festival can only take so many repeats of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” before he digs up a pair of ear-buds and hands them to the writer. Or throws them at her. Either way, message received.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Samanthe Beck’s Top Five Tips for Nabbing Your Playboy

Compromising Her Position Samanthe Beck

First off, I need to make it clear what I consider a nab-worthy playboy, because there’s no point wasting these tips on some self-centered lothario you’d be better off without. I don’t want to take you there!

A nab-worthy playboy has talent in his field of choice, (and yeah, he has something he’s passionate about, even if money’s no concern). He doesn’t pretend to be anything except what he is—a hella-good time on two legs. You may sense there’s more to him, and that’s undoubtedly true if he’s nab-worthy, but he’s not misleading anyone about what he wants or thinks he’s capable of giving. That leads us to one of the most important playboy traits. A nab-worthy playboy makes sure his playmates have fun too!

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