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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: A SURE THING by Marie Harte

A Sure Thing Marie Harte

It’s getting colder in New York, which means one thing: huddling by the heater in your apartment and praying it actually works. We do, however, have a quick cheat we’re willing to share just for today: It’s this totally heartwarming and ever-so-slightly steamy excerpt of Marie Harte’s A Sure Thing!

They ate in silence for a few bites, and he felt it safe to change the subject. “Ah, so all that talk about the self-defense class. Did you like it?”

“I did.”

“Don’t sound so surprised. We know what we’re doing.”

“What surprised me most was that you two never talked down to us. You never tried to act tough and manly, as if you know better. You explained, you broke things down, and you put the power to act in our hands.” She considered him, and her intensity stripped him bare. “You’re doing the class for your sister.”

“I mentioned that.” Not in so many words, but Ava was smart. She’d put the clues together.

“Not in so many words.”

Like she read my mind. He cleared his throat and pushed his po’boy aside. “Hope is my little sister. Lately she’s been dating some real bozos. I don’t want to see her get hurt, so we’re teaching her how to physically stand up for herself. I mean, hell, she’s smaller than you.”

“I’m not small.”

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Guest Post

“The Biggest Differences Between Romance in Romance Novels and Real Life” by Marie Harte

Roadside Assistance Marie Harte

I chose this topic to blog about because I find it very funny. I love romance novels. I love reading them, writing them, and keeping them to read again. I was accused once by an ex that I unfairly compared my relationship to the fictional ones I read about. But I’m an intelligent woman, and I sure as hell know the difference between reality and make-believe. As much as I love a good romance, I’ve often wondered how it would play out in real life.

So here are my top 5 differences between romance in reality and romance in a romance novel.

  • The alpha hero. Okay, in romance, this guy is swoon-worthy. He’s take-charge at work and in bed, but when he hurts the heroine’s feelings because he’s being too bossy, he immediately backs down.
    In real life, a guy this demanding and arrogant would find my foot up his butt in no time. A real alpha hero isn’t going to be an asshat in every occasion except with his lady love. Nope. This guy will be a real jerk all the time.
  • The romantic suspense where they take time out for some nookie.
    Um, if I’m being chased by the mob, the last thing I’m thinking about is going at it with a hunky detective in the closet. Because if his eyes are on my naked body, who’s watching the door to protect my fine tush?
  • Another point of contention in the romantic suspense genre—hygiene. I’ve read my share of stories set with characters on the run from smugglers and bad guys who, while camping out in the jungle after days spent running from danger, just go at it. Come on. If I’m just going on a date, I make sure not to sweat and roll around in dirt beforehand. Nothing like a man wanting to please you, except you’re too funked up with sweat and conscious of body odor. And seriously. Not brushing your teeth for days on end, then kissing? Gross.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Johnny Devlin of Marie Harte’s TEST DRIVE

Test Drive Marie Harte

I love knowing the backstories of characters that never make it into the book, yet live in their authors minds. So today I thought I’d share background on Johnny Devlin, the hero of Test Drive.

Before I start writing any book, I do a basic rundown of the character, which gets fleshed out as I write. Here’s…Johnny! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)



Description—29 yrs, short brown hair, green eyes, tatted arm, 6’1. Muscular and lean, loves to run. Charming.

Family—Jack (father) is a gambler turned strip club owner. Mona (mother) passed away when Johnny 2. Raised by father and variety of father’s live-in girlfriends over the years. No siblings.


Johnny doesn’t trust easily. Father is charming but not great with parenting. Can’t hold onto a woman, doesn’t share himself more than physically. He dumps most women who grow to love him. And the few he feels for reject him. Johnny grows up wanting but not getting that loving female connection. Some of his favorite “moms”–Cierra, Noel, Amber (strippers).

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Cover Reveals

Cover Reveal: Marie Harte’s TEST DRIVE

Today we have the cover reveal of Marie Harte’s new book, Test Drive! Test Drive will be out on June 7th from Sourcebooks and kicks off her Body Shop Bad Boys series! Here’s a bit about the book:

Johnny Devlin is a devil-may-care charmer with a sullied past. Stealing cars landed him in jail, but he learned his lesson. The last seven years working in Websters Garage have taught him how to work hard and play even harder, but that’s not enough for Lara Valley.

Lara has grown up on the wrong side of the tracks and is hell-bent on escaping. To get her nursing degree, she works at a dive bar while taking classes at a community college. She has no time for dating, and especially not for Johnny—a playboy too handsome for his own good.

Johnny has always had his eye on the pretty bartender with the rockin’ bod and soul-deep eyes, but she’s rejected him more than once. Still, that doesn’t mean he won’t come to her aid when trouble strikes. When she asks him on a date to thank him, he can’t say no. And then he’s saying nothing but hell, yes.

Now for the sizzling cover!

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