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Guest Post: Rebecca Grace Allen’s 10 Reasons Why Lawyers Make Great Doms

His Contract Rebecca Grace Allen

In romance, businessmen have a reputation for being some of the yummiest heroes out there. They’re smart, powerful, and look damn good in a suit. Lawyers check all those boxes, and take the smoking-hot-hero level to explosive when you add in their passion for the law. So what makes a lawyer an excellent Dominant? Here’s my top ten reasons why: (For pics-pirational purposes, I’ve added images of Harvey Specter from the TV show Suits.)

1. Lawyers have confidence.

Capable attorneys radiate a sense of command that puts his or her clients at ease. It’s not just from the cut of their clothing or the dollar amounts in their paychecks—a good lawyer must make countless decisions during a trial, decisions where someone’s future hangs in the balance, and he or she must know they have the stuff to win. That kind of self-assurance in a Dom’s hands? *fans self*


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