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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: L.A. Witt’s HIATUS

Hiatus L.A. Witt

Fans of M/M Romance, we’ve got a  taste of something special just for you! We fell in love with this emotional little sneak peek into L.A. Witt’s Hiatus the minute we jumped in. And now? You get to too! (Congrats!)

I couldn’t decide if I should take off my wedding ring or leave it on.

Lying in a small, borderline shitty hotel off the interstate in Amarillo, waiting for Nate to text me, I turned the gold band over and over between my fingers.

Cam had stopped wearing his almost immediately. No one asked him questions if he showed up without it. His clients were used to him not wearing one—he never wore his ring or his watch while he was working.

I worked in one of those offices where people noticed. A coworker had come in without his wedding ring once, and the whispers had started flying before he’d even reached his desk. Turned out he’d smashed his hand on something over the weekend. He’d wisely removed the ring before his finger had swelled up too much. A week later, the ring was back on, and when he brought his wife to the Christmas party a few months later, people finally stopped speculating about trouble in paradise.

If I didn’t wear mine, people would notice. And I really, really didn’t want to talk about it.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Religion and Romance” by Lauren Gallagher

The Best Laid Plans Lauren Gallagher

Though religion doesn’t usually go hand in hand with erotic romance, the subject plays a big role in The Best Laid Plans, my newest ménage from Samhain Publishing. Gabe is a Christmas-and-Easter Catholic married to Shahid, a devout Muslim. Shahid’s religion is a core part of his life, and also a stumbling block in some areas—triggering tension with his in-laws, harassment from patients at the emergency room where he works as a nurse, and keeping him and Gabe from being approved for adoption.

I wouldn’t call The Best Laid Plans a religious romance, though. While Shahid’s religion plays a significant role in his life and in who he is, the story isn’t about his beliefs. They are what they are, just like Gabe’s Catholicism.
Religion is one of those divisive topics, like politics or the Kardashians, that’s generally not to be discussed in mixed company because a civil conversation can quickly explode into a heated argument. And in my early days as a romance author, I was strongly advised to keep religion out of my romances.

Naturally, I didn’t listen.

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Guest Post

Exclusive Excerpt: NOT SAFE FOR WORK by L. A. Witt

Not Safe For Work L.A. Witt

Today L.A. Witt’s new book, Not Safe For Work hit shelves and e-readers! We’ve got a great excerpt for you to enjoy. Be sure and pick up your copy of Not Safe for Work today!

Rick took a few deep swallows of water. I left mine on the table but wrapped my hands around it, letting the cold bring me back to earth.

My body temperature slowly came down, though the same could not be said for my pulse, especially as I whispered, “Why me, Rick?”


“You heard me.”

He tapped his fingers on the sides of his glass. “I did, but…I’m not sure I understand the question. Why not you?”

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