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Guest Post: Shana Galen and Miranda Neville on Writing During the Holiday Mayhem

Christmas in Duke Street Shana Galen, Miranda Neville, Carolyn Jewel, and Grace Burrowes

When most people think of the holidays, they think of family dinners, decorating the tree, and singing carols by the fire. When authors think of the holidays, we think of stories. Readers seem to love holiday-set books, and we authors love to write them. There’s happily-ever-after and then there’s happily-ever-after on Christmas, which makes the warm fuzzy feeling that much more special.

Shana Galen and Miranda Neville, two of the authors of the newly released holiday anthology, Christmas in Duke Street, sat down to chat about writing during holiday mayhem, our inspiration, and why we love holiday romances.

Miranda: Are you one of those obnoxious early shoppers who has all her gifts wrapped, tagged, and probably color coded by Halloween, or a last-minute-omg run to the mall on Christmas Eve?

Shana: I do love color coding, but I don’t like to buy gifts too early. I usually start shopping right before Thanksgiving and try and finish a week or so before Christmas. What about you, Miranda?

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Blueberry Cove” by Donna Kauffman

Snowflake Bay Donna Kauffman

If you’re like me, you love getting the behind-the-scenes, insider scoop on things.  So, I thought with the release of Snowflake Bay, the fifth book in my Blueberry Cove series, I would take you “back stage” and give you the scoop on 5 facts about my fictional coastal town of Blueberry Cove, Maine that no one else knows.  Well, until now.  You can keep a secret, right?

1. Blueberry Cove is a fictional place, but in truth it is the amalgamation of several places I nested in along the coast of Maine (and one just over the border in New Brunswick, Canada.) I am fond of tiny house living, and have stayed in several wee cabins Downeast between Machias and Campobello Island (just across the Bay of Fundy from Lubec, Maine in New Brunswick Canada.) Having been there in all four seasons, including below zero weather, I knew I had to set my books in this more sparsely inhabited but rich-in-character (and characters!) part of the state.

Donna Kauffman 5 Things 3

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When Do You Start Holiday Reading?

book-xmas-treeHoliday book releases are starting to appear, and we’ve even featured one already (the historical Last Chance Christmas Ball) here on the site. But it’s only October, you exclaim! We haven’t even had Halloween yet!

But answer this question honestly — do you read any holiday romances after the holiday? And you probably say no, you’re over the season by December 26. So that’s why you’re seeing holiday romances pop up now, to capture readers’ interest before they’ve over it.

When do you start holiday reading?