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Farewell, Read a Romance Month! Hello, $.99 Sale!

We’ve had such a blast this last month. There’s nothing quite like great people coming together to celebrate something they’re passionate about. That’s the premise of this blog: Fans and authors alike sharing what they love about Romance, the little things that keep them coming back for more, and the little things that infuriate us—

We even hate things well together.

But EverAfter is overwhelmingly a community of love. So, to mourn the passing of an entire month of fun, we’ve partnered with our big brother, Diversion Books, to offer a small token of our gratitude: A huge sale. We’ve collaborated and gathered some of our favorite titles and, for today, they’ll all be $.99!

So get them while they last and thank you, from the bottom of our snarky hearts, for being a part of this blog and the amazing celebration that was Read aRomance Month.




Get Some of Our Favorite Titles for Just $.99!


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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: ROGUE OF THE MOORS by Cynthia Breeding

Rogues of the Moors Cynthia Breeding

This one goes out to anyone who’s having a Tuesday that feels like a Thursday! I dare you to get through this excerpt of Cynthia Breeding‘s Rogue of the Moors without smiling. (I absolutely could not.) Love the excerpt? You’re in luck, because Rogue of Moors is out today!

Bridget noticed that all four of the MacDonald men were seated at the table for supper. None of them appeared bruised or battered, so they must have taken their mother’s warning not to exchange blows seriously. Bridget knew men thought fighting was the solution to most arguments, but she had never understood why they would enjoy brawling simply for the sake of it. Looking at the granite set to Alasdair’s jaw made her wonder if a skirmish might not still take place.

“We serve ourselves here,” Joanna said as she brought in a dish of vegetables and smiled at Bridget as she sat down. “Doona skimp on your servings.” She glanced at her sons. “I am used to big appetites, so there is always plenty of food.”

“Thank ye,” Bridget said. “The boar smells delicious.”

“Allow me to carve ye some,” Niall said, flourishing a knife with enough skill that Bridget had no doubt he’d be deadly with a dagger.

Alasdair gave him a sharp look but said nothing.

Oddly enough, the other brothers were quiet and subdued this evening. Even though she’d only met them briefly when they’d come to Glenfinnan, she didn’t think the reserved behavior fit any of them. Rowdy, boisterous, rambunctious, yes. Quiet, no. Had the retelling this afternoon of the fate of that poor girl affected them so much?

Bridget glanced at Alasdair. He hadn’t been in the room, but the memories were probably crystal clear. She wished she could say something to him, but she caught the glimpse he gave her. His eyes were like emerald shards. She’d seen that look on her brothers’ faces, warning anyone with any sense not to broach them. Now was not the time to comment.

A clamoring near the back of the house broke the silence. Bridget heard shouting and several heavy thuds. It sounded like an altercation taking place, although none of the men seated seemed to be overly concerned.

The kitchen door banged, followed by the trampling of boots coming down the hall. The yelling hadn’t stopped either. Three lads in shirts, breeches, and tartan caps burst into the room, one of them dripping wet.

“’Tis nae my fault ye fell into the burn,” one said.

“Ye pushed me, ye fool,” the wet one answered.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “The Top Five Reasons I Write Scottish Historical Romance” by Lori Ann Bailey

Highland Deception Lori Ann Bailey

1. The magic. Okay, I know you were expecting me to say the kilts, the man chest, or the abs and those are a bonus, but it’s really about the feel of the story. I started out writing paranormal romance filled with magic in a fictional world I created, so the move into Scottish Historicals was an easy one. The magic and mystery of Scotland is real and touchable, you can smell it, you can see it.

2. Alpha males. In seventeenth century Scotland, with all its political upheaval and the clan system, it was imperative for men to take the leading role in the safety of their people. I, like many other women, am one of those ladies that have too many responsibilities and the pressure of having to make so many daily decisions. I don’t like overbearing men, but I do like ones that have my best interests at heart and that will say, “Lay back, you need a break and I’ll take care of everything for you.” In today’s society, most men and women run a household evenly and it’s not fair to ask for the man to take on every worry, but it’s nice to be able to fantasize about being treated like a queen.

3. The scenery. I’ve seen a small slice of the Highlands, but the majesty of the mountains, the fresh feelings all the lush greens imbue and the beautiful waters of the land will never be adequately put into words. I do my best, but until you’ve seen the beauty for yourself, we just have to dream about it, read it, or write it and pretend we are there. Once you’ve been there, you want to hold on to those vistas in your mind until you can return. I hope I’m able to bring a little bit of that to my writing.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “My Favorite Movie Romances” by Tara Kingston

When a Lady Deceives Tara Kingston

Since my teens, I’ve loved reading romance laced with adventure and suspense. Historical, paranormal, contemporary…if a story has great characters I can relate to, a heart-racing quest, and a happily-ever-after, I’ll devour it. My bookshelves are filled, and I carry my e-reader almost everywhere. I also love romance and adventure in film. There are some movies that I have seen so many times, I’ve lost count. What brings me back time and again? My best-loved films have a sense of adventure, a sigh-worthy hero, and a heroine with a mind of her own.

One of my all-time favorites fits those characteristics perfectly: Sherlock Holmes, the 2009 release starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Rachel McAdams. Sherlock Holmes and the alluring female criminal Irene Adler are one of my most memorable cinema couples. It’s such a pleasure to watch Holmes match wits with Irene, a woman who can hold her own with the brilliant Sherlock. Their chemistry is magnetic, and one can only imagine the passion that will erupt between this couple behind closed doors. The verbal interplay, determination, and sensual tension between Sherlock and Irene provided inspiration for the hero and heroine of my new release, When A Lady Deceives.

In addition to Sherlock and Irene Adler, there are many other movie pairings that I could watch again and again—strong, well-matched characters who face danger and adversity while falling in love. Of course, Sherlock and Irene occupy the top spot in my five favorite movie couples. Rounding out the list:

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
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Deal Alert: Samantha Harte’s CACTUS ROSE & HER OUTLAW HEART

Would it even be Read a Romance Month without great Historical Romance? We’re celebrating with two Historical treats from the ever-brilliant Samantha Harte! Get Cactus Rose and Her Outlaw Heart for only $0.99 this weekend!

Cactus Rose by Samantha Harte

In the heat of the southwest, desire is the kindling for two lost souls—and the flame of passion threatens to consume them both.

Rosie Saladay needs to get married—fast. The young widow needs help to protect her late husband’s ranch, but no decent woman can live alone with a hired hand. With the wealthy Wesley Morris making a play for her land, Rosie needs a husband or she risks losing everything. So she hangs a sign at the local saloon: “Husband wanted. Apply inside. No conjugal rights.”

Delmar Grant is a sucker for a damsel in distress, and even with Rosie’s restrictions on “boots under her bed” stated firmly in black and white, something about the lovely widow’s plea leaves him unable to turn away her proposal of marriage.

Though neither planned on falling in love, passion ignites between the unlikely couple. But their buried secrets—and enemies with both greed and a grudge—threaten to tear them apart. They’ll discover this marriage of convenience may cost them more than they could have ever bargained for.

Her Outlaw Heart by Samantha Harte

Can he tame her outlaw heart?

Wyoming Territory, 1879. Corbet Harlow believes in the law above all else. As the local marshal, he’s been trying to rid his territory of criminals for his entire career. But when he takes young Jodee McQue into custody, he is rendered helpless by the beauty and spunk of this pretty outlaw.

Jodee is the daughter of a notorious outlaw, but she wasn’t participating in the shootout that landed her in jail—she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And now the attractive marshal thinks she is a thief. Bewildered, and falling hard for the handsome lawman, Jodee is determined to prove to Corbet that she’s honest and good. But soon the sole survivor of her father’s gang arrives in town, and he wants to drag Jodee back to the outlaw life… forever.

“Whether she’s fighting outlaws or deceitful widows, readers will cheer for the heroine in this fast-paced, sweet romance. Throw a true-blue hero and interesting secondary characters into the mix and you have a compelling page-turner.”—RT BOOK REVIEWS


Q&A: We Go on A SCANDALOUS ADVENTURE with Lillian Marek

A Scandalous Adventure Lillian Marek

We didn’t think it was possible to look at something more intriguing than the title for A Scandalous Adventure! Of course, then we took a glance at the Q&A from its author, the amazing Lillian Marek. Classic movies and more have us heaving genre-appropriately heavy sighs. Check out the Q&A below and pick up A Scandalous Adventure, out now!



What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

My favorite movies are all pretty old—I like to think of them as classics.

The Prisoner of Zenda (the 1937 version)

It Happened One Night

Singing in the Rain

The Princess Bride

The Uninvited (1944)


Describe your favorite scene from each one (you can include a Youtube clip if you want as well).

I realize when I think about it that my favorite scenes are not particularly romantic ones. Hmm.


The Prisoner of Zenda

In the climactic duel between Ronald Colman and Douglas Fairbanks Jr., they trade cracks as they fight and Fairbanks leaps into the moat to escape at the end.

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Exclusive Excerpt, Giveaway

Exclusive Excerpt + GIVEAWAY: AS RICH AS A ROGUE by Jade Lee

As Rich as a Rogue Jade Lee

Read a Romance Month has us seriously reflecting on our book shelves. What is it about a good Regency Romance that we just can’t help going back to time and time again? Is it the high stakes, the drama, the surprisingly endless snark and banter? We can’t pick just one thing, but we do know that books like As Rich as a Rogue by Jade Lee have a magic way of pulling us in entirely! And lucky you, we’ve got an excerpt right here! As Rich as a Rogue is out right now!

Can’t wait to get it? Enter for a chance to win one of two copies below!

Intro from Jade Lee

Lord Whitly and Miss Mari Powel have history. Six years ago he gave her the nickname Wayward Welsh and that has dogged her so much that she can’t find a husband. Now the blighter has returned and is courting her when she can barely keep herself from scratching out his eyes. In this scene, she’s lost a wager to him and has to go riding with him. In true heroine fashion, she uses the time to demand an explanation for his actions.

“Why are you in Society if you have such a great disregard for it?” She spoke impetuously, trampling over his words in her rush to get the question out. He had such power to distract her that she feared losing track of it altogether if she did not say it quickly.

But once spoken, she began to regret her question. It was what she had wanted to know almost from the very beginning. Why was he here? Why did he accost her in Hyde Park that first day? Why did he seek her out at last night’s ball?

But the more the questions crowded in her mind, the more his expression made her doubt her own sanity. Or his. Because far from quietly considering her request, he stared at her in stunned surprise.

In the end, she had to prompt him to speak. “My lord?”

“Truly, Miss Powel, I cannot guess whether I am especially bad at this or if you are being willfully obtuse.”

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Q&A + GIVEAWAY: Elizabeth Moss of ROSE BRIDE

Rose Bride Elizabeth Moss

Dual joy/pain of these Q&As? Our TBR pile is currently so full of books we’d have to be millionaires (though, I’d settle for several thousand-aires) to afford them all. And just when I think I’ve honed the discipline to resist, Elizabeth Moss, brilliant author of Rose Bride, comes along and—long story short, I have so much to read now, including Rose Bride, which is 1. amazing and 2. out now! 


What are your five favorite movies with romance/romantic elements?

You’ve Got Mail

Pride & Prejudice

French Kiss


Kate & Leopold


Describe your favorite scene from each one (you can included a YouTube clip if you would like).

You’ve Got Mail – my fav scene is where Joe Fox visits Kathleen Kelly when she has a cold. He tucks her into bed and hands her tissues while she tells him about Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. It ought to be unromantic – but of course, it’s absolutely the opposite and shows that these two are meant to be a couple.



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Guest Post

Guest Post: Amanda Forester’s Top 5 Most Exciting Things About Starting a New Series

If The Earl Only Knew Amanda Forester

The beginning of a new series is an exciting time. The curser blinks at you on the computer screen and you pause a moment before beginning. This new book could be anything, the possibilities are endless. It’s exciting!  It’s terrifying!

Here are my top five most exciting things about starting a new series.

1. Freedom of imagination. In writing a new series I get transported somewhere new and get to explore a whole new world with interesting new people. It is fun to let the wheels turn and see where it all goes.

2. Freedom from insistent characters. At the risk of sounding slightly insane, Lady Kate has been haunting me. I have been thinking about her story for years. YEARS. She demanded I write it and now that I have I can have a bit of peace. Well, now I’m bothered by Darington to write his story…

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Cover Reveals

Cover Reveal: HOW TO IMPRESS A MARQUESS by Susanna Ives

The room was filled with audible sighs (mostly from me) when we first read about How To Impress a Marquess (out November 1st, 2016). The latest from Susanna Ives is the perfect storm of everything we love: tragic childhoods, humor, an edge-of-your-seat romance, and fancy Victorian gowns! We can barely wait to get to the cover, so we’ll turn things over to the author herself, Susanna Ives:

I’m an armchair actress. I grew up on the stage and regard writing as a surrogate theater. Being a writer allows me to mentally play every part despite being a petite, middle-aged writer with a soft southern accent. My favorite plays are farces such as The Nerd, Noises Off, and of course, The Importance of Being Ernest. The first books in the Wicked series, Wicked Little Secrets and Wicked, My Love, reflect my love of farce comedy. So I wasn’t sure what I was diving into when I started How to Impress a Marquess because the hero and heroine suffer from childhoods of neglect or abuse—not the material of light farce. I had to strike a delicate balance between the humor and serious emotional elements. The hero and heroine fought their mutual attraction for years because if they gave into their desire, they would face painful personal demons. Yet only through surrendering to their love and owning their hurt could they achieve their deserved Happily Ever After. Despite my early reservations, I found I enjoyed drilling into the emotional lives of the characters, expanding my armchair theatrical horizons.

Alright, we know what you’ve been waiting for! Here’s the cover to How To Impress a Marquess:

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