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Guest Post: Linda Broday on the Stellar HEA of TEXAS REDEMPTION

Texas Redemption Linda Broday

Sometimes a story comes along that sets you back on your heels and makes you think about how fate (or God if you will) often gives you a second chance. This story was Texas Redemption and it showed me just how strong the power of love is. And how much you ache when it’s a love you can’t claim.

This is the kind of story that ties your stomach in knots and you see no way to a HEA. But hold on. Don’t give up.

Brodie Yates (Shenandoah) first met Laurel James during the Civil War in a brothel. She was only fifteen or sixteen but they fell in love. He promised to go back and get her but the war got in the way. Then at war’s close, he’s hunted for being an infamous rebel spy. Laurel waited for him but had to conclude that he’d either been killed—or that he didn’t want her.

Desperate to escape the brothel where she’d been taken at fifteen after being kidnapped, she enlists the help of the cook. They make their way to Redemption, Texas where she can hide from those who are looking to take her back. Her family lives near but she’s too ashamed to go to them. Even though it wasn’t her doing, her soul is stained. She and her friend open a café and she becomes engaged to the town mayor. She burns with determination to find redemption and respectability.

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Guest Post: “Earning That Happily Ever After” by Lisa Kessler

Wolf Moon Lisa Kessler

Thanks for having me back on the EverAfter Romance blog! If we’ve never met, I write dark paranormal romance, and my devoted readers will tell you, I like my characters to earn their Happily Ever After.

What does that mean? One of my favorite parts of a romance is that big black moment. We’ve been building up to it the whole book. Will they or won’t they? Whatever they fear most, we’re going to face it. I yearn to see them grow into the people I know they can be. This is usually the moment in a book that can bring tears to your eyes.

My poor husband has found me sobbing in the kitchen more than once as I face having to write that scene. By the time I get there, I love my characters, and I don’t want to hurt them, but for me, it’s that huge moment when love really does cause a transformation. That’s when the happily ever after is only as delicious as that dark time is painful.

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Guest Post

Top 5 Reasons to Read a Romance from Harper St. George, Amanda Heger, and Tara Wyatt

In celebration of Read a Romance month, we couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about our favorite genre. From the sexy heroes to the fierce attraction that can leap off the page when the hero and heroine first meet, there are so many reasons to love reading romance. We’ve pulled together our top five reasons to read a romance this summer (or all year!)

1. Attraction – That intense chemistry when the main characters first meet is a trademark of romance. Whether it’s love at first sight or the hero and heroine hate each other from the start, that flame builds to an all-consuming wildfire by the end of the story. Each couple will have their own unique brand of chemistry.

dirtywork1 dirtywork2 dirtywork3

2. Sexy heroes – We already mentioned this one, but the heroes in romance are so sexy it’s a subject worth delving into. Whether they’re billionaires, Navy SEALS, small town sheriffs, or Wild West outlaws, the heroes in romance are strong, capable, and know how to get things done. No hero represents these qualities better than the blue collar hero. Rachel, the heroine from Revved in our anthology, gets a taste of that when she first meets the hero.

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“Happiness is in the Heart of the Beholder” by Cassandra Chandler

Lingering Touch Cassandra Chandler

I love books. I think everybody reading this probably does. One of my favorite things about reading is how intimately we can share in another person’s experiences, even if those people are fictional. It helps me relate to others—the real people I encounter in my life.

And of course, I love romances. Life is uncertain enough. I want to be assured that at least some of the characters in the stories I immerse myself in will have a “happily ever after”, no matter what shape it takes.

When I set out to write the first three Summer Park Psychics books, I wanted to reflect different choices that people can make that lead them to happiness—especially in love. Most of the books I’ve read—and written—take a kind of traditional approach, and these endings are often great and satisfying. There’s a vast array of options, though, and no one path will be right for everyone.

Maybe one couple would be happiest having a big wedding and tons of children, living out in the country with a bunch of pets. Another might like a smaller ceremony to recognize their commitment, choosing to elope or go to a Justice of the Peace. They might want plenty of children, too, but prefer to live in the city. Some people only want one child, or two, or none at all. Some want a legal union, others might be more comfortable with a spoken commitment just between them. I want to show this variety as often as possible in my stories.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Guest Post

Guest Post: “My Crush on Lt. Joe Kenda” by Candice Gilmer

Fantasy Girl Candice Gilmer

(All pictures from the Homicide Hunter Facebook page)

Joe Kenda Valentine ImageMy name is Candice Gilmer, and I write romance. And I love watching Discover ID. Especially Homicide Hunter, and Lt Joe Kenda.

Yep, that’s right, Discovery ID is the channel that has all true crime mysteries.

And I do have a bit of a crush on Lt. Joe Kenda, both the real man, because, wow, that voice, and the actor that plays the younger version of Kenda in the show, Carl Marino, because, well, what a cutie. (Pictured is the real Joe Kenda on the left and Carl Marino kneeling on the right)

But that’s not the big reason I spend hours watching Homicide Hunter. I watch several of the shows on Discover ID. Some of my favorites are A Crime to Remember, Web of Lies, and Surviving Evil. There are more, of course, but I can’t think of all of them. I spend a decent amount of time watching just about anything they put up on Investigation Discovery.

Part of the reason I love Homicide Hunter is because they have a lot in common with what I write.

Do I write murder mystery romances? Nope. Though my husband swears I probably could with as many of these shows that I watch, and I can usually guess the killer in the end.

As Lt. Joe says:

“Murder is simple… People are capable of anything.”

And they are—if I’ve learned anything watching them, people are crazy and can do anything when their emotions go nuts.

And emotion is one of the things I connect with. I have to, in order to write stories. The idea of what makes people do what they do fascinates me.

What makes a person kill his friend? A wife murder her husband? How did she cross that line?

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Guest Post: “What’s Wrong With the Box Again?” by Amy Lane

Fish Out of Water Amy Lane

I’ll be honest.  My first warning usually comes when a friend or a colleague says to me, “Oh, you’re so brave!”

Sounds like a compliment, doesn’t it?  Uh-huh. Brave—we all want to be brave, right?

It might be, but “You’re so brave!” for me is usually followed by an Amy Lane sized crap-bomb that could spatter a city block. When my nearest and dearest are saying, “You’re so brave!” they are not infrequently edging away from me, reaching into boxes for rain ponchos and checking to make sure their kaiju shelters are stocked for the shitstorm to come.

For example, when my bestie and beta reader got to the end of Immortal, she said, “Oh, Amy—you’re so brave to kill off both main characters and have their happy ever after happen as they wandered the forest around their homes after death.” This translated into, “People will hate this ending. They will loathe it. They will .gif bomb the crap out of you on Goodreads, and you won’t understand and cry on me until my cornflakes get soggy from 3000 miles away.”

And because I was me, I put my little tin hat on, grabbed my broomstick, mounted my dying pony and galloped right into that windmill and got knocked right on my ass.

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