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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: SWEET VICTORY by Gina L. Maxwell

Sweet Victory Gina L. Maxwell

Ease on back into the daily work grind with this fantastic excerpt of Gina L. Maxwell’s Sweet Victory. (Seriously, we’re blushing vicariously with this one.

Xan’s body had tensed more with every minute he listened. Then Caldwell insulted Sophie, making Xander’s blood boil and his fists curl tight. The only thing she could do to stop the sale was get married, and the snide bastard flat out told her he didn’t believe for a second it would ever happen, now or ever.

What a bunch of bullshit. Xan would bet Sophie had men panting after her on the regular, and if her relationships didn’t last, it was probably because they couldn’t hold a candle to her raging fire.

That wouldn’t be the case if they ever got together, at least not in the bedroom. He would match her flame for flame until they incinerated everything around them. He’d been on the verge of letting those torrid images get the best of him again when the cruel words of her uncle smacked him back to the present.

“…the only way to acquire the trust is through a legitimate marriage. Considering your track record with men, I think we both know what the likelihood of that is.”

Fucking hell! To hear him speak so callously to a woman—his own niece—brought back painful memories of growing up hearing his father berate and belittle Xander’s mother. It’s why he often got involved in situations that were none of his business. He couldn’t stomach witnessing a woman being bullied.

Xan was going to make the tosser choke on his own words.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: RUTHLESS by Gina L. Maxwell

Ruthless Gina L. Maxwell

Welcome to the work week, here’s a steamy scene from Gina L. Maxwell‘s Ruthless just for you!

“Show me what it means to be not normal, Roman.”

He catches my wrists, but doesn’t pull me away from him. “It’s more than you’re bargaining for, Addie, believe me.”

“You know, you have a terrible habit of making decisions for me, and it’s really starting to piss me off. Why don’t you stop being so damn vague, man up, and tell me what it is you think I’ll have such a strong aversion to, so I can prove you wrong.”

He spins us in a quarter turn to place the table behind me, then releases my wrists to cage me in with his hands on either side of my hips. Leaning into me, he speaks directly in my ear, his voice deep and deliberate. “I like control, Addison. I like controlling my lover’s pleasure. Her every desire is fulfilled by me or at my command.”

Shivers race over me as I imagine Roman fulfilling my every desire. “Your command. You want to watch me touch myself?”

“No,” he says, pulling back just enough to meet my gaze, his lips now a breath away from mine. “I want to watch another man touch you.”

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Scorched Authors on the Biggest Challenge/Most Exciting Part of Writing Erotic Romance

Entangled Publishing has launched a new erotic romance line this month and the four launch authors are dishing about the biggest challenge or most exciting part of writing an erotic romance for them.

Gina L. Maxwell, author of Shameless: How many euphemisms for naughty things can you come up with? And I’m talking acceptable, modern-day terms that don’t make you giggle or scrunch up your nose. While you’re thinking about it, I’ll just go ahead and tell you, it’s not easy. In an erotic romance, the sex scenes are more frequent, more detailed, and a hell of a lot more raw. You don’t gloss over things with pretty words—a technique that makes things sound less harsh as well as offering the author more alternatives to avoid repeating the same words or phrases too many times—like you do in a regular contemporary romance. In eroticas, you don’t skirt around the obscene and risqué. You embrace it.


Kristin Miller, author of Desiring Red: For me, the biggest challenge was making sure the story was a true erotica (a story revolving around an erotic premise) rather than simply a story with a lot of sex. I read and researched non-stop for a few weeks and then plotted carefully, keeping true to the genre while making sure that DESIRING RED would be unique and fresh. The most exciting part? Creating an erotic paranormal romance featuring two drool-worthy Alpha males and one feisty heroine who has one night to choose between them. Yeah. I kinda freaking love my job.

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