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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: TANGLED IN TEXAS by Kari Lynn Dell

Tangled in Texas Kari Lynn Dell

As a city girl, I’m always surprised when a Western Romance pulls me in. Maybe it’s the visual of a generous smirk and the adventure of the wild that calls, but it works every time. Kari Lynn Dell’s Tangled in Texas has it all, and we’re happy to bring you this sneak peek!

She brushed her fingertips over the gouges his spurs had made on the front of his rigging. Then she tapped the shoulder of the spur board. “Put your feet here and your hand in the rigging.”

He did.

She grabbed his left ankle and wrapped her other hand around the inside of his left knee. “Try to go limp and let me move you.”

Any time, darlin’. But she was so focused, she missed his smirk. She played his leg like a puppet’s—bending, straightening, rotating out at the hip, bending again, testing angle after angle until she found one she liked. He tried to stay loose, but her hand kept sliding up and down the inside of his thigh, every stroke heating his blood until limp was no longer a part of his vocabulary. The air got sideways in his lungs as she moved her hand even higher. Think cold. Ice cubes. North Dakota in January. He sucked in a breath through clenched teeth as her hand moved again. A couple more inches and she’d find out for herself just how not limp he was.

She gave his leg a shake. “Relax!”


She paused, looked up at his face, then followed his gaze to where her little finger was a hair shy of rubbing up against his balls.

“Oh.” She didn’t snatch her hand away, just moved it down to midthigh. “Sorry. But look.”

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Wicked Cowboy Charm Carolyn Brown

Thank you so much for inviting me to your site today! I’ve got coffee and cookies in hand and I see you’ve got questions so let’s dive right into them.


What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

Lucky Seven, While You Were Sleeping, Steel Magnolias, Quigley Down Under and Gone With the Wind

Describe your favorite scene from each one (you can include a Youtube clip if you want as well).

Lucky Seven:

While You Were Sleeping:

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Anna Schmidt’s Writing Routine

Last Chance Cowboy Anna Schmidt

I am what in today’s lingo is known as a “pantster”—writing by the seat my pants. [BTW I actively hate labels of any kind because I think they stereotype and classify whole groups of individuals, so PLEASE never ever call me by that or any other label.]

Okay, back to the question at hand: I write on deadline. It is a habit I developed in school—never starting my term papers or studies for exams until I was close to delivering them. As I age I find that time frame has to be stretched—it takes more time these days. That said, I am always writing—if I am out for a walk or running errands or listening to music, it is amazing how often something will crop up that I know I will somehow use in the story. So the simple answer is that I am always writing.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: A COWBOY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by Carolyn Brown

A Cowboy Christmas Miracle Carolyn Brown

Okay, it’s time to come clean. We love reading anything Christmas-y in the wrong season. There’s just something about it that’s so magical and nothing embodies that feeling more than writing from the ever-fantastic Carolyn Brown! Here’s an exclusive peek at her latest book, A Cowboy Christmas Miracle, out right now!

Betsy fidgeted as she waited in the lobby, key card to a room on the third floor in her hand. It wasn’t too late to cut her losses and get back into her truck, drive another half a mile, and get a room at a different hotel. But they were grown adults, and she’d rented a suite that came with a sofa, a small dining area, and a microwave and fridge.

She took a deep breath and stiffened her backbone as well as her resolve as she made plans. They would have supper in her room, not even look at that big, king-size bed, and talk about Christmas stuff. Then he would call down to the lobby and get his own room, probably on a different floor, and tomorrow they’d go home. And then she saw him carrying in two big sacks from the restaurant and a duffle bag, and her determination flew out the door when it slid open.

He was sexy as hell with snowflakes shining on his black cowboy hat. A few had made their way up under the brim to stick to his sandy-brown hair that covered half his ears. His blue eyes caught hers staring at him, and he winked.

That gesture plus his distinct swagger made her mouth go dry. Maybe, she decided right then, they should eat before she said anything. It would be a shame to get into an argument and spoil the dinner. He’d clearly spent a lot of money on those two bags of food, and she really was hungry.

You are hiding from what you know is the right thing to do, her conscience fussed.

I know, but I want one real dinner with him, and he’s gone to the trouble to bring it, and I’m not going to put myself in a position to even kiss him. It’s just dinner, for God’s sake. Go away and leave me alone, she argued.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: NO ONE BUT YOU by Leigh Greenwood

No One But You Leigh Greenwood

Hard times call for desperate measures in this absolutely engrossing excerpt from No One But You by Leigh Greenwood, out July 5th, 2016!

“Mrs. Winborne is looking for someone to help her on her ranch,” Rose explained. “I told her you were the perfect man for the job.”

“Why me?” Salty asked, turning to George. “Are you dissatisfied with my work?”

“Of course not,” George said. “I’d hate to see you leave, but I wouldn’t want to do anything that would stand in your way.”

“Stand in the way of what?”

“Mrs. Winborne’s offer is a little out of the ordinary,” Rose said. “I’ll let her explain it. George, why don’t you take Jared into the kitchen? I made gingerbread which he might like. Then you can round up Zac and Tyler to help me with dinner.”

Salty would have been happy to look for George’s two youngest brothers himself, but it looked like there was no way out of this interview. He didn’t know whether it would be kinder to tell Mrs. Winborne right away that he wasn’t interested in leaving the Circle Seven, or allow her to explain her offer and then turn her down.

“I can tell you’re uncomfortable with being put on the spot,” Sarah said.

“A little,” Salty agreed.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: MUST LOVE COWBOYS by Cheryl Brooks

Must Love Cowboys Cheryl Brooks

We’re thrilled to bring you this little taste of Must Love Cowboys by Cheryl Brooks! This modern western Romance is out April 5th, 2016!


“Sure glad you talked us into getting that AED for the bunkhouse,” Bull said to Wyatt. Only then did I realize the only part of Bull that was adequately covered was his upper lip.

Too late, I glanced away.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

“Calvin’s the reason I wanted it,” Wyatt said. “I knew we’d have to use it on him someday.”

“You okay?” Dean’s voice in my ear nearly had me jumping out of my skin.

“Yeah. I heard him…tapping on the wall, moaning.”

“Good thing you were here,” Dean said. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t have found him until morning.”

Shivering, I turned in his embrace, making no protest as he held me against his bare chest, my arms folded over my breasts. Considering how scantily clad the rest of the men were, I was afraid to look down.

Wyatt sat back on his heels and pulled his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face. “He’s not out of the woods yet, and we’re a long damn way from a hospital.” He glanced at Sonny. “Better check his medicine cabinet and see what he’s on.”

“If he’s anything like my grandfather,” I said, “he has plenty of meds he doesn’t take.”

Wyatt nodded. “Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. He’s a stubborn old cuss.”

Sonny returned a few moments later, an assortment of pill bottles stashed in a sling made from the front of his T-shirt. “He’s got lots of them.”

Wyatt examined the bottles, one by one. “Judging from the dates on these, he hasn’t taken them in months.”

There it was again—that fatalistic I’m already dead, so why bother attitude. Calvin obviously subscribed to it, but that didn’t mean the rest of us had to like it. I could sense Wyatt’s frustration—the expression in his eyes, the tautness of his stance. Oh, yes. I knew that feeling quite well. The utter futility of trying to save someone who didn’t want to be saved.

Nevertheless, they had saved Calvin—at least for the moment. When he regained consciousness, he might thank them or he might hate them for interfering. Grandpa had threatened to come back and haunt us if we ever resuscitated him. I wondered if Calvin had voiced his opposition to having an AED in the building. Obviously it was there to be used on anyone who might need it. Bull and Joe both appeared to be in their forties, and though they seemed healthy enough, Bull was also a smoker, and it wouldn’t be the first time a man their age had heart trouble. Calvin, however, was still the most likely recipient.

One glance at Wyatt proved he was itching to do more. Although firefighters had first responder training, Wyatt didn’t seem satisfied even with that skill level. I could see the need in his eyes—even the way he breathed—he wanted to start an IV, whip out a scalpel, and perform open heart surgery right there on the bunkhouse floor.

And this man was a cowboy?

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: REBEL COWBOY by Nicole Helm

Rebel Cowboy Nicole Helm

We’re proud to bring you this exclusive excerpt of Nicole Helm’s Rebel Cowboy, out now!

Dan, who you don’t have to resist.

But she did. She didn’t know why; she only knew in some part of her that he was dangerous and needed to be resisted, no matter what that dark, quiet voice in the back of her head said.

“We should go unload your lumber,” she managed, her voice rusty.

“That sounds like a euphemism.” There was humor in his tone, but it was tempered with something. Something that made her chest ache.

Not pity. Pity was too gross of a word, and this wasn’t gross. It was sweet. Sympathy or commiseration or, God forbid, care.

“We have to work.”

But his hand reached out and touched her face, brushing tears off her cheeks. Dan stepped closer, like he was going to hug her again. She would stand firm against it this time, she would—

His hands cupped her jaw, green eyes fixed on her face. On her, the cool of his calloused palms a welcome relief from all the heat in her cheeks. From the crying, from the embarrassment.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: COWBOY NOT INCLUDED by Em Petrova

Cowboy Not Included Em Petrova

Today we have an exclusive excerpt from Cowboy Not Included by Em Petrova, out this week from Samhain! We hope you enjoy and pick up copies of her fabulous Boot Knockers Ranch series as well as Cowboy Not Included!

Let the Boot Knockers fulfill your wildest fantasies while showing you just how beautiful you really are.

The line above is straight from the marketing brochure for the Boot Knockers Ranch. As you see, it ain’t your daddy’s ranch! Welcome to the world of the Boot Knockers, a Texas ranch where women go for therapy—sex therapy, that is.

The idea for my hot series with Samhain Publishing was spurred by my love of cowboys and the thought of getting a big group of virile men in hats and boots on the same ranch. Who wouldn’t dream of that, right? These cowboys live, work and play together. Not only is the sprawling spread a fully functioning cattle ranch, the Boot Knockers have a huge business of treating females who have every type of emotional trauma concerning sex or body image.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: BOOTS AND THE HEARTBREAKER by Myla Jackson

Boots and the Heartbreaker Myla Jackson

Next week Myla Jackson’s newest book, Boots and the Heartbreaker, will be released! Today we have an exclusive excerpt for you that we hope you’ll enjoy. Be sure and pre-order your copy of Boots and the Heartbreaker today!

Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon! Finally! Colin McFarlan gets his story. There’s nothing like a meddling momma with an ultimatum to get her sons serious about marriage and children. Thankfully, two of the McFarlan men are living their happily ever after. Now they have to convince the last bachelor standing among them to find the girl of his dreams and settle down. Easy, right?

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Top Ten Reasons To Love a Cowboy” by Heidi R. Kling

Paint My Body Red Heidi R. Kling

Initially, in Paint My Body Red, Paige is drawn to Jake because he reminds her of everything she loved about her hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming…and nothing she didn’t. She notices, and points out right away, how quintessentially “cowboy” he is— noting his confidence, his ease of movement, the fact that he can go from sleeping to full motion without a beat. She realizes, even steps off the plane from the city in California, what a palpable difference he is from the boys back home. Even going so far to note that Jake is more like a man than a boy, even though they are about the same age.

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