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Guest Post: “The Serial Evolution: To Binge or Not To Binge” by Beth Kery

Glow Beth Kery

If I’d written this article in 2012, I would have called it The Serial Revolution. In 2012, when Because You Are Mine first hit the e-book shelves, the serial novel was an old, but exciting re-discovery. Serial novels were a Victorian era craze. Thanks to e-books, the serial has found a whole new venue.

After several years and four serials written—my fourth, entitled Make Me, will begin releasing weekly on April 4, 2016—I have some new observations about the serial novel. Like the publishing industry in general, the serial is still a work in progress. It was unchartered territory when Berkley’s InterMix and I first put out Because You Are Mine in 2012, each installment releasing on Tuesdays for eight consecutive weeks. People either adored the format, or they hated it.

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