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Layla Hagen’s List of Must See Romantic Comedies!


Who doesn’t love a romantic comedy?

The romantic declarations, the meet-cutes, the classic run through the airport scene…there’s nothing like a good rom-com to brighten your day!

In honor of the release of USA TODAY Bestselling Author Layla Hagen’s new book MEANT FOR YOU, we asked her to compile a list of her Top 10 Romantic Comedies and what makes each one stand out from the rom-com crowd.

Let us know in the comments which rom-coms you recommend we watch and if there were any from Layla’s list you had never heard of before and are now immediately going to binge-watch!



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Five Favorite M/M Couples

EverAfter Romance

I have been reading a lot of queer romances lately and as you can imagine I have a number of favorite M/M couples by now. Here is the list of my latest Top 5 favorite M/M couples, arranged in a totally random order.

  1. Raffi and Denny from Level Hands by Amy Jo Cousins

I love a well-done New Adult – all the turmoil of youth, the process of finding yourself and your place in the world. And I particularly enjoy young romance – first (big) love, first time having a steady significant other, first time navigating a serious relationship. Raffi and Denny are both great characters on their own – complex, multi-layered and their coming together was no easy feat for either of them. I liked that they managed to be open about their feelings (fears included). They share more than one heated encounters but also had a few quiet romantic moments which make me smile and swoon – two big muscled rowers dancing bachata in the empty locker room is a sight to see in my mind.

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The World is Diverse: Best (so far) Romance Reads of 2015

EverAfter Romance

This year’s reading goals were to read, remember to record the books I read, and to seek out more diverse romance authors.  I’m nowhere near hitting my reading goal for the year, unfortunately, but, so far, I have managed to succeed with the other two goals. While many people are starting to think of “diversity” as just another buzz word in fiction, the fact is the world is diverse. It always has been, and always will be. But, the stories that we consume in print, TV, film, haven’t always reflected that diversity. Now that authors are finding ways to bring their stories to the public, I find myself wanting to inhale all of their tales in an effort to re-shape the way my entertainment looks. Finally, my entertainment has caught up with my reality.

So, what have been some of my favorite romance reads of the year so far?

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