Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: Rick O’Connell from The Mummy

When The Mummy released in 1999, I had the biggest crush on Brendan Fraser as Rick O’Connell. I bought this movie and watched it over and over again. It had action, adventure, humor, and romance.


Is it kind of cheesy? Yes, of course it is, but that is part of its charm. The movie starts out telling the origin story of the Mummy. Years ago he hooked up with the Pharaoh’s mistress and when they were caught, he was cursed. If he was ever released he would be a monster, bent on destruction. Fast forward to a group of explorers, treasure hunters, and one librarian, awakening him and now all the Mummy wants is to resurrect his one true love, at any cost.

together forever

And our hero? An alpha type adventurer who is brimming with wit, charm, and sarcasm.



Rick O’Connell is an American in Egypt (sounds like a great title for another movie) who is recruited to show Evie and her brother where the City of the Dead is.  Evie wants to make history while her brother just wants to get rich. Rick tries to resist his attraction to Evie, who thinks he’s a filthy scoundrel, but of course, that doesn’t last long? Especially when she realizes how very wrong she is about him.

I mean, who can resist a guy with such Swoon-Worthy qualities as the ones below?

  • He isn’t afraid to run headfirst into danger, especially if it’s to protect Evie. ahhh
  • He kisses like he shoots…fast and accurate. kiss
  • Even when he’s faced with pure evil, he still thinks he’s funny. kitty (1)
  • He is a gun toting cowboy, which comes in handy when Evie is kidnapped. rick gun
  • Is it a good time to mention again how sexy his character is? not now


If you’re looking to watch an old favorite, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns is available to stream on Netflix!

What is your favorite cheesy flick you just can’t get enough of?

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