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Swoon-Worthy Hero Highlights: Jace Montgomery From Jude Deveraux’s Wishes

Wishes Jude Deveraux

As a young girl who struggled with her weight from the time she was ten, I remember picking Jude Deveraux’s Wishes when I was thirteen. I felt an intense kinship with Nellie Grayson-the heroine who had a pretty face, but because she was overweight, it didn’t seem to matter. I held onto the dream that a guy would come along and love me for me, which is why I think I’ve held onto Wishes for twenty years and continue to read it again and again. Because Jace Montgomery was everything I fantasized about.

*The unofficial Wishes book trailer I found on YouTube.

If you haven’t read Wishes, it is a Cinderella tale about a selfish woman who gets to purgatory (or The Kitchen in this case) and, because of how nasty she was in life, can’t advance to Heaven until she has completed a type of fairy Godmother deal. Although she at first likes Nellie’s little sister, Terel, she grants Nellie three wishes…wishes that benefited everyone but Nellie because of her selfless and giving nature. When the Godmother finally tries to fix things, she realizes that she really does need to change. But even during all the frustrations and wanting to slap Terel and shake Nellie, there was Jace.

Jace saw Nellie for exactly who she was; a beautiful, kind, generous soul who was sometimes annoyingly insecure and couldn’t see the bad in people. Jace fought for Nellie, but when forces beyond their power kept them apart, he walked away. However, when Nellie finally went after what she wanted, Jace forgave her (after some persuasion) for nearly giving him up and they reconciled.

Jace’s Swoon-Worthy traits are as followed…

1. Jace is smart. He sees right through people and can read them like a book. He knew that Terel and her father were lying and manipulating Nellie, and wasn’t afraid to call them on it.

2. Jace is a good man. After losing his wife and child, Jace has been lonely and living half a life until he meets Nellie, who reminds him that he still has a lot of love to give.

3. Jace can sing, which is always swoon-worthy in my book.

4. Jace is genuine and honest (except for a few little tricks to get Nellie alone.)

5. Jace is protective and brave, the type of man who makes a woman feel special and safe…even if it takes a while for Nellie to realize that everything her family and the town says about him is wrong. That even when she has broken his heart, he still runs to her rescue.

If you’ve never picked up Wishes, it is definitely one of my favorite Jude Devereaux books.

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