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Top Slow Burn Romances by Amalie Howard & Angie Morgan

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Sometimes, the best part of a romance story is the tension. The build-up to when the hero and heroine—whether they’re characters in a book or a movie—kiss for that first time gets our hearts melting all over the place. We have so many favorites, but since we can’t name them all, here are each of our top five favorite slow-burning romance stories!










Angie’s Top 5 Slow Burn Romance Stories:

image15.) Emma

Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightly have romantic sparks right off the bat, and there’s something about the slightly older and protective friend of the family trope that gets me every single time. That and the witty humor and banter between them as Emma attempts to play matchmaker and solve a romantic mystery. Oh, and I definitely prefer the BBC mini-series too!


image2 (1)4.) The Age of Innocence

I broke from my usual rule of reading the book first and saw the movie first instead. And even though Daniel Day Lewis makes my Top 5 list twice (see my #1 favorite!), it was Edith Wharton’s novel that hooked my heart. I don’t think anyone does the Slow Burn better than her!


image33.) You’ve Got Mail

While I enjoyed Sleepless in Seattle, this was the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks romantic comedy that I could watch again and again. It could have something to do with the fact that it has a bookstore angle, and the slow building tension between two people who fall in love before they even meet in person—or at least, think they haven’t met before!

image82.) Persuasion

While I love Pride and Prejudice, it’s Jane Austen’s final novel, Persuasion that reigns as my favorite Austen story. Anne Elliot’s first engagement to Captain Wentworth somehow went awry seven years before. Now, at 27, and firmly on the shelf, she and Wentworth have a second chance at falling in love. And my favorite line from an Austen hero: “You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.”  


image41.) The Last of the Mohicans

Once again, I broke my “book first” rule, but in my defense when I saw this movie way back in 1992, I was a pre-teen and ignored rules completely! Hawkeye and Cora are thrust together for a dangerous wilderness trek in upstate New York in the midst of the French and Indian War, and their romance has a dramatic, life-or-death quality to it that I gobble up every time I watch it…which has been so many times, I probably have the whole thing memorized.

Amalie’s Top 5 Slow Burn Romance Stories:


image65.) A Walk to Remember

This is both a Nicholas Sparks novel and a movie. I love the fact that the hero, a delinquent, works to make the heroine, a goody-two shoes, happy by fulfilling her bucket list. They fall in love over a period of shared, heart-wrenching experiences that amps up the tenderness and the common ground between them. Trust me, you’ll need tissues.


image74.) Amélie

This is a quirky French rom-com that really tugs at your heartstrings. The heroine makes a vow to help other people find happiness and ends up finding her own. I also love when two slightly odd people find each other. In a weird way, this reminds me a bit of the romance arc from Silver Linings Playbook, also one of my favorites. This one is a little off center from the typical slow-burn, but that’s why I love it.

image53.) Sabrina

This one is a bit tropey: daughter of the chauffeur falls in love with lord of the manor, but who doesn’t love a well executed, slow burning, Cinderella-esque story? I love the fact that Sabrina finds herself in Paris and comes back gorgeous and sophisticated, only to win the heart of the stoic older brother instead of the carefree younger brother she’d crushed on for years. Win for wallflowers everywhere!


image102.) Jane Eyre

Oh, Jane and Rochester, you slay me. Jane Eyre is Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, but let’s go with the 2011 movie version because…Michael Fassbender. Dark, broody lord of the manor falls for the quiet, unassuming governess. What’s not to love? There are buckets of tension in this…every word, every glance, every minute carries some underlying meaning. Swoon! My heartstrings get a workout with this one.


image91.) Pride and Prejudice

And lastly, my hands-down favorite, Pride & Prejudice. Again, there are lots of choices for the movie adaptations for Jane Austen’s beloved novel, but the one that has my heart is the 2005 adaptation with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. Nothing like watching two stubborn people butt-heads until their lips manage to meet. *Note: kissing is way more fun than head-banging.

MHMH-500px (1)About My Hellion, My Heart:

He fought battles for crown and country. She waged war for his heart.

Lord Henry Radcliffe, the scarred but sinfully sexy Earl of Langlevit, is a beast. The only way Henry can exorcise the demons of his war-ravaged past is through intense physicality. In and out of bed. An endeavor that has no shortage of willing participants. 

Intent on scandalizing London, Princess Irina Volkonsky is a hellion and every gentleman’s deepest desire…except for one. Irina knows better than to provoke the wickedly forbidding earl, but she will stop at nothing short of ruination to win the heart of the only man she’s ever loved.

But when one scandalous kiss makes dangerous passions ignite, neither of them can fight their sizzling attraction. When a sinister plot emerges to threaten them both, they will have to fight one last battle, this time for the ultimate prize…love.

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