Real World Seduction 2.0 Review

This Gets Girls Crazy Obsessed
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Imagine this…

You meet a girl. You don’t put in much effort. You don’t
say anything that special.

And after a few minutes, you say, “gotta go.” She says, “Wait. Let’s exchange numbers.”

That night you get a string of texts from her: So good meeting you. Such a good night. We should get together.

The next night, she comes over. She makes the first move.

She kisses you.

After sex, she purposely leaves her jacket at your place, so she has an excuse to come over again. An excuse to sleep with you yet again.

All this is way too much – especially if she’s fat and ugly or even average. Yuck!

But imagine she’s super hot. A perfect ten. And she constantly wants to sleep with you.

That’s exactly what this simple Formula does to hot women.

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Bypassing these “3 brains” gets ANY girl you want


Would you cut a watermelon using your finger?

I guess you wouldn’t try to paint a wall with a slice of bread and a jar of peanut butter either?

It’s possible to do both but it may not be the best approach.

That said, the resistance you build while imagining these weird acts makes up for your “Rational Brain”.

And this Rational Brain (1 of 3 brain parts) in women is lot stronger than you think.

This makes the rules. This makes all her “responsible decisions”, and this alone generates an endless stream of “good girl” reasons why she doesn’t want to sleep with you.

But when you bypass these “3 brains” (see how here)…

You’ll make her reverse all those logical reasons and make her WANT to jump your bones so BADLY.

Truth is, a woman won’t stop testing you in any way she can.

Whether you’ve been with her for 10 years, or you just met her for the first time… she will want to see you as a confident man dripping with masculinity.

(It’s a HUGE turn on for her too.)

And of course, a woman who gets turned on easily won’t be able to resist the thoughts of having YOU inside of her.

The best part?

When you finally tear down her floodgates of resistance, it’ll be way easier for her to trust you and for you to pump her juices … as early as tonight.

Details here: Gets her aroused like crazy…

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Seize the day,

Read this if you can’t get women aroused


One sniff and she halts, turns around, and spreads her legs wide open…

That’s exactly what I witness every time I walk my dogs in the neighborhood.

You see, my male dog, Rocky does that sniffing all the time – especially with a female canine in-heat. It’s something that we humans understand as a dog’s primal instinct. It’s what turns their mating mode ON in an instant.

But did you also know that…

The same primal urges are also found inside a woman’s brain and can be released when you do something that unleashes her inner “sexual animal”?

ESPECIALLY when you fire these female erotic triggers…

(It’s helluva lot powerful than any old school sense of humor.)

In fact, for once in your life, did you ever feel that pang of envy when you see other men walking into a bar full of confidence?

Men who effortlessly make women wet and horny and squirming secretly on their seats?

“But they just seem average”, you say. Not even that rich… or good-looking.

Truth is, these guys know something you don’t know (yet).

And when given the right tools to fire a woman’s “neurological triggers”, YOU too can make ladies uncontrollably horny on command.

But isn’t it a skill you should learn, though?

Good thing you asked.

Simple answer: Yes, and it’s easy to do. And yes, you can see results right away:

Here’s what makes her wet and swelling with horniness…

Seize the day,

Ever After Romance


Floods her body with arousal?


Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality” teaches us to always be the BEST version of ourselves today. But he also emphasized one thing…

And that is, to do it again tomorrow. And the next day, and then the next… until you form that habit of surpassing your best self every single day.

Because when you’re clothed in your best self possible, your ego gets kicked out of the playing court. And controlling your ego is the first step to taking a dramatic turn for your dating and sex life.

Here’s how to be the MAN that floods her body with arousal…

You see, ego isn’t that bad altogether. After all, your self-confidence and self-worth are housed on that pride basket.

However, when you let it control you, your self-worth hinges on validation from women. This makes you desperate to be “liked” – a need that’s a major turn-off for women.

And a need that blinds you from seeing a woman’s “sex signals“…

What sex signals?

These are your “secret cues” to quickly escalate from approaching her, to making her horny, and ultimately taking her to the bedroom.

Ever wonder why you overthink things?

Can’t think of the right things to say and do?

And end up doing the wrong things that get you rejected?

That’s because you’re not able to see these sex signals sooner.

The good news is… you can train your brain to decode these sex signals (all 4 types of them)…

Just like how you control a gaming console, this decoder rewires your subconscious mind to target the signals that her body gives off.

And the best part is…

You can use the same Mamba Mentality to become the best version of yourself and attract only the hottest and smartest ladies that are constantly transmitting sex signals.     

Their validation will no longer bother you. And you’ll know exactly how to smoothly bed these hotties. It’s fun, flirty, and no pressure coming from either of you.

The Sex Signal Decoder: How to crack her 4 types of sex signals (gets the hot girls only)…

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Seize the day.


Use This & She’ll Sleep With You


I want to share a secret that generates raw, sexual arousal so powerful that it leaves a woman no choice but to sleep with you.

Big warning:

If she thinks you’re ugly, after using this secret she’ll still think you’re ugly.

If she thinks you’re a huge dork, this secret
won’t help.

If she doesn’t like you, this secret won’t make her like you any more.

But this secret will quickly get you into her pants.

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Real World Seduction 2.0 Review


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