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Keep Queer Romance Month All the Year

Queer Romance Month

Queer Romance Month is winding to a close, and to celebrate the month, I’m following up on a post I wrote in celebration in October 2014. Take a look around the site to find posts by authors and readers of queer romance.

Last year, I shared how I came to read queer romance (primarily m/m), which was a fairly recent thing.

This year, as I thought about writing something to contribute to QRM, I wanted to figure out what more there was to say. I read queer romance, I like it, and I support it. Easy-peasy, right?

Not necessarily.

As I thought about what to write for this year, I realized that I was still pigeon-holing my queer romance reads. As being, you know, queer romance. And yet the theme of this month is love is love and, to paraphrase Charles Dickens, “”I will honor [Queer Romance Month] in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” I feel that it’s doing the work a disservice by categorizing it even before I’ve read it, based on my preconceived notions of what it is. Not so much that it IS queer romance; I mean, I expect certain things from my historical reading as well, and would think less of the book if it had an anachronism (that I could identify) as much as if a m/m romance ended up being a m/f.

So my challenge to myself as I set forth on continuing to read stories where ‘love is love’ is not to segment them in my mind based on whose parts are on what character. It’s all romance, and I’m a romance reader, and I like to read stories where people fall in love.

Maybe it is easy-peasy. I just have to keep it in my heart.

What queer romance have you read, and would want to recommend? My recommendations for this year are below:

Amy Jo Cousins’s Off Campus from the Off Campus series
Alexis Hall’s Waiting for the Flood
Larissa Ione’s Base Instincts
Kate Rothwell’s The Gentleman and the Lamplighter
KJ Charles’s A Fashionable Indulgence

2 Responses to “Keep Queer Romance Month All the Year”

  1. Lise Horton

    Valuable insight! As if we should also have “MC Romance Month”, “Billionaire Kinky Romance Month”, “Amish Romance Month”! I read my romances based on my mood, more than anything, and if it is a romantic suspense, or a small town romance, or a dog lovers’ romance, it matters not to me whether the protagonists are straight, gay or poly. My favorite M/M reads so far have been Felice Stevens, Kate McMurray, Racheline Maltese and Erin McCrae, and male author, Max Vos.

  2. Kat

    I used to not read queer romance too, because of the usual perception that straight people won’t be able to relate to queer romances. As if it’s an entirely different genre of its own, and not to be considered as Romance. But the one time I decided to try an m/m book, it became one of my favorites. The book is Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat. It’s set in a fantasy world, wherein a prince was betrayed and sent to be a slave in the enemy kingdom. He has to keep his identity a secret otherwise the enemy kingdom would kill him, and at the same time he falls in love with the prince of the enemy kingdom. It was full of intrigue and complex characters. And it wasn’t any different from the usual romance read. It’s still about two people finding love.

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