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Aural Pleasures

Aural Pleasures: Yasmine Galenorn

Darkness Raging Yasmine Galenorn

Yasmine Galenorn, New York Times bestselling author, is known for her playlists and being a big believer in the power of music during the writing process. Her playlists appear in the back of most of her books as well as on her website for readers to enjoy. Today she stops by EverAfter to share her thoughts on the importance of music.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Who Doesn’t Love a Good (or Not-So-Good) Hero?” by Emma Chase

Sustained Emma Chase

New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase’s Legal Briefs series has been a big hit with fans since the first book, Overruled, hit shelves in April, now the second book, Sustained, is out and Emma has stopped by to share her thoughts on knights in shining armor who actually might not be all that shiny, and the heroines that match them. Take it away Emma!

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Sisters in Love Melissa Foster
Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Morning Bites

Morning Bites: Holiday Weekend, or How I Plan to Be a Sloth

Labor Day Weekend is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m looking forward to getting to relax a bit after all the prep for this exciting launch! I also plan to use it to catch up on some TV shows and my reading! On deck for my reading pile, “Run to You” by Clara Kensie! For my TV queue, Charmed and Once Upon a Time!

Labor Day Weekend


What do you have planned for the holiday? Do you have a pile of beach reads ready to go? Share below in the comments!

Guest Post

#Indulge Yourself with Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence Imprint! Part 2

Indulgence Entangled Publishing

Leave the ordinary behind and find romance with the powerful heroes and passionate romance of Indulgence. Every story features fantasy alpha males to romance and tempt you. The power. The wealth. The position. We have it all, and with new titles releasing every month, Indulgence is irresistible and will keep you turning the pages.

EverAfter Romance was kind enough to invite us to introduce some of our authors and to let them tell you a little bit about their heroes. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

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Morning Bites

Morning Bites: Post-Launch Musings

Today’s Morning Bites is really short, because we really wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who joined us for our launch yesterday! We’re so thrilled that everyone is enjoying the site so far and we can’t wait to continue to bring you exciting content and new features. We’ve got some great stuff lined up for today and hope you’ll enjoy! As a special way to show your our thanks, here’s us in GIF form:



Let us know in the comments what you’d love to see come to the site!