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Guest Post: “Five Tips for Surviving the Old West” by Anna Schmidt

The Drifter Anna Schmidt

Anna Schmidt’s The Drifter, part of her Last Chance Cowboys series, offers a hero “who trouble follows,” he admits, but the heroine just can’t keep her distance from him. Anna’s here to share her tips on surviving the Old West (it’s more than just putting on that leather vest, fyi). Here’s Anna jumping into the saddle to spur us into some Old West knowledge.

Anna Schmidt’s Five Tips for Surviving the Old West

  • Be prepared! The Boy Scouts mantra notwithstanding, possibly the biggest mistake newcomers to the frontier made was in not learning enough about the terrain, the weather, the hazards, etc. Many came West with the arrogance so common among those leaving a cosmopolitan area and headed for something more rural and unsettled.

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Exclusive Excerpt, Q&A

Exclusive Excerpt: THE WEDDING PACT by Katee Robert (Bonus Q&A!)

The Wedding Pact Katee Robert

The first book in Katee Robert’s The O’Malley’s series, The Marriage Contract has been received to great critical claim. Fans also can’t wait until the second book, The Wedding Pact, is released in April (so close, yet so far!). To help whet your appetite until the release, we’ve got an exclusive excerpt from The Wedding Pact for you to enjoy!

The VIP room was far from packed and, even if it hadn’t been, no one would blink an eye at two people hooking up in the shadows. But it wouldn’t get him anywhere with Carrigan, aside from a few moments of pleasure. Then she’d be gone and he had the feeling he wouldn’t be seeing her again in the near future—if ever.

That didn’t suit his purposes one goddamn bit.

So he pressed a soft kiss to the sensitive spot behind her ear and backed the fuck off. When she turned and blinked those big green eyes at him, he almost threw caution to the wind and kissed her. Only the knowledge that it wouldn’t stop with a kiss, wouldn’t stop until he was buried between her thighs, kept him from giving in. “I’ll be seeing you, Carrigan O’Malley.”

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Cover Reveals, Exclusive Excerpt

Cover Reveal: Christi Barth’s THE OPPOSITE OF RIGHT

Cover Reveal

We asked contemporary romance writer Christi Barth to tell us why she’s so excited about her forthcoming November title The Opposite of Right and what the idea behind the book was. She shared that with us, along with an exclusive excerpt AND a cover reveal for the book! Here’s what Christi had to say:

Did you ever have somebody look at you with pursed lips, a head tilt and that pity-filled stare as they said, oh, that’s a bad decision? I’ll bet you did. Maybe it was disapproval of a boyfriend, or a college choice. A tattoo or a cross-country move? I started out my career as a music major – you can only imagine the wrinkled noses and what were you thinking looks that accompanied that decision. But I spent years performing on stage and met my husband in a show. I declare that ultimately it was a great decision.

Because here’s the thing: what others see as a bad decision might be exactly what you need. That’s why I came up with the idea for the Bad Decisions series. Well…that…and the fact that rock stars are freaking hot. Who wouldn’t want to write about them? I sure hope you enjoy reading all about the band Riptide and their so-called bad decisions!

Here’s an excerpt from The Opposite of Right:

Kylie tugged at the hem of her first ever Riptide concert shirt. It was faded. Too big, since she’d bought it to wear at the gym. So she quickly knotted it high over one hip. It exposed her midriff and pulled the material tight against her breasts. Perfect—in all the wrong ways. She could do this. She had to do this. So what if she’d never hit on a man before? This was the Metro, for crying out loud, one of Chicago’s most famous rock clubs. People probably hooked up by the bathrooms twenty times a night. If everyone else could do it, so could Kylie.

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Guest Post: “Why We Love Highlanders” by Amanda Forester

The Highlander's Bride Amanda Forester

Amanda Forester’s The Highlander’s Bride has one of our favorite things, and–spoiler–it’s not the bride portion of the book, although we’re sure she’s a lovely heroine. Thanks to Amanda for sharing her thoughts on why highlanders rank so high (sorry!) on readers’ lists. 

Hello all! Do you love Highland heroes as much as me? The kilts, the accents, oh I just can’t get enough. I enjoyed reading Scottish romances so much I had to start penning them myself! My latest Highlander novel, The Highlander’s Bride, set in 14th Century Scotland has just been released to some great reviews – 4½ stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews and a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly! So clearly I’m not the only one who loves me a man in a kilt, but why?

Why do we love Highlander heroes so much?

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Morning Bites

Morning Bites: Were-Bear with Them

Bear shifter romance seems to be returning, albeit almost exclusively in the digital publishing end of books. Not only that, but many bear shifter heroes are paired with plus-sized heroines, have secret babies, or are Navy SEALs (imagine how hard it is to keep it quiet that you change into a big furry beast every so often when you’re in the military! Or maybe not).

This takes fur baby to a whole new level.
This takes fur baby to a whole new level.

Wolf shifters aren’t nearly as prevalent as they were a few years ago, and it brings up the question of what other animals might be appealing for shifter romance fans? Nalini Singh has peopled (or animaled) her Psy-Changeling books with leopards as well as wolves (and also rats, hyenas, jaguars, and other animals), while Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels urban fantasy series includes shifters of many types. But thus far, there haven’t been many shifter types as lead characters beyond wolves, leopards, and now bears. Are you game for a were-bear, or are you so-not-there bear?

What kind of animal shifter would you like to see?

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Guest Post: “The Never-Ending Summer” by Sue Brown

Frankie & Friends Sue Brown

Sue Brown discovered male/male erotica when she woke up once to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. Since then, she’s made a name for herself in the world of male/male romance. In today’s guest post, Sue confesses to wishing summer would just be over, already…because teenagers!

Be sure and leave a comment below for a chance to win your choice of a signed print copy or an ebook copy of Frankie & Friends, winner’s choice! Comment by Friday, September 11th by 3pm EST to enter!

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Exclusive Excerpt, Giveaway

Exclusive Excerpt: Lia Riley’s INTO MY ARMS

Into My Arms Lia Riley

Lia Riley writes smokin’ hot New Adult romance and is best known for her Off the Map series. Now she’s back with Into My Arms, a new Off the Map novella, and she’s shared an exclusive excerpt with us. (After you read scroll down to enter our giveaway; we’re giving away three sets of the original Off the Map trilogy, Upside Down, Sideswiped, and Inside Out.)

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Deal Alert: Hot Hometown Hunks Box Set

Hot Hometown Hunks Box Set

Today we have a special Steals & Deals Alert for the EverAfter Community. The Hot Hometown Hunks Collection is up for preorder for $0.99! Take advantage of this great price for SEVEN full-length novels. The collection releases on October 6th, and will only be available for six months before it goes away forever!

A Hot Hometown Hunks Collection

You know the guy. The hometown hunk who can make hearts race and knees shake with a flash of his abs or one crooked smile. From enemies to lovers to second chances, these sizzling, seductive, and satisfying full-length novels are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet.

Let Me Love You by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Miller

Winery owner Lucy Stone isn’t looking to settle down with one man. But when she wins a date with blazingly hot firefighter Joey Brackett at a charity event, everything changes. As things heat up between them, Lucy must choose between what she thought she wanted, and what her heart tells her she needs.

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