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Does Your Reading Taste Change with the Seasons?

The best advertisement for wearing a sweater.

It’s FALL! Time for sweaters, cider, pumpkins, and — sniff! — to put away your open-toed shoes.

Does the new season mean that your reading tastes change, too? Do you put away all those “beach reads” in favor of something a bit more substantive?

Does your reading taste change with the seasons?

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Guest Post, TV Recaps

Katee Robert Recaps the Premier of SCREAM QUEENS

Scream Queens Logo

I’ve been excited about Scream Queens since I heard that Jamie Lee Curtis was cast in the roll of the Dean. I mean, she’s Scream Queen royalty. If she agreed to the show, it HAS to be great, right? Yeah, the two-hour premier didn’t disappoint. It’s campy horror at its finest. I had to take some time to really think about it, though, because they threw everything but the kitchen sink at us.

This year seems to be the year of the campy horror television shows. MTV’s Scream has really pulled it off, and it’s impossible to avoid comparing the two, especially since they’re giving such heavy nods to past horror movie franchises. As Scream’s horror guru Noah says—the only way a slasher TV show would work is if viewers are invested in the characters.

But first, let’s get to the set up.

Fair warning – spoilers abound!

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Sisters in Love Melissa Foster
Guest Post

Guest Post: “Redeeming a Villain” by Meghan March

Beneath These Scars Meghan March

Who doesn’t love a story of redemption? Especially when its the bad guy turning good and getting their Happily Ever After! Today Meghan March discusses how she pulls this off!

He’s the guy you love to hate. Not just your run-of-the-mill bad boy, but a bad man. The villain. So how do you redeem a character of that nature and get readers on board with giving him a happily ever after? Well, in the case of Lucas Titan, the villain we originally met in Beneath This Ink, it was actually some of the most fun I’ve had so far in my writing career. There’s something about a guy with an underhanded motive who is willing to blur the line between right and wrong that made the words fly from my head to the page. Because let’s be honest, don’t we all want to know why the bad guy does what he does?

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Exclusive Excerpt, Giveaway, Guest Post

Guest Post: “Real Talk about the Modeling Industry” by Serena Yates

The Model Serena Yates

Today Serena Yates joins us to share parts of her research and the inspiration behind her newest release from Dreamspinner Press, The Model! Serena is also generously giving three lucky commenters on this post their choice of an e-book of their choice from The Workplace Encounters series or a $5 Amazon/All Romance eBooks gift card! Be sure to comment by September 30th for your chance to win!

Real Talk About Modeling and the Inspiration Behind THE MODEL

Writing about types of different blue collar jobs for this series has been an exciting adventure for me. And while being a model might not be the first job you think of when hearing “blue collar”, it is one of the jobs that requires absolutely no education. You are either discovered and end up making a career of it, however long, or you are not. No amount of studying can make you a fashion model.

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Morning Bites

It’s Your Last Day on Earth: What Do You Do?

Don’t let the world end until I’m done with this book.

According to some mystical calculations, this is the day the world ends. So if that is true, what are the five things you would have to do if this was to be your last day on earth?

Some suggestions:

  1. Wear age-inappropriate clothing because, damn it, you like sequins!
  2. Tell your relatives what you really think of them and their constant Facebook-posting.
  3. Sit in the bathtub and read your e-reader without worrying about protecting it from the water.
  4. Eat raw cookie dough.
  5. Toss your keys off a bridge.

What would you do?

Guest Post

Guest Post: Yasmine Galenorn on Returning to an Old Series

Night Shivers Yasmine Galenorn

Today we have Yasmine Galenorn talking about how it felt to return to her Indigo Court series for her latest novella, Night Shivers. We’re excited to have her and hope you’ll pick up a copy today! Be sure and leave a comment below for a chance to win a signed copy of Night Myst, the first book in the Indigo Court series!

When I finished writing NIGHT’S END, I really thought I was done with the series. I brought the Myst story arc to a finish, and added an epilogue so people wouldn’t feel like they were left hanging. The epilogue happened twenty-five years after the end of the story arc. For months now I’ve had people asking me for more—they want to read more about what happened to Cicely and the others. And each time I have said, “Sorry, I’m done with the story and I left it it a good ending.”

So imagine my surprise when a new idea for the Indigo Court world suddenly popped into my mind. I realized — now free from the story arc of the battle against Myst, and free to take the series in any direction I want — there are other stories I can tell. Stories that I probably couldn’t get published in traditional ways. So, I decided to write a novella set one year after the end of the last battle.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Julie Anne Long’s Pennyroyal Green Excerpt Tour!

The Legend of Lyon Redmond Julie Anne Long

For almost 8 years, readers have eagerly followed the epic love-story-that-never-was of Lyon Redmond and Olivia Eversea throughout Julie Anne Long’s Pennyroyal Green novels. Now, FINALLY, readers will find out what really happened to separate the two lovers and if they can overcome the heartbreak and betrayal to reach their Happily Ever After in The Legend of Lyon Redmond out on 9/29! Before we get there, though, let’s relive Lyon and Olivia’s story up until now. Follow along the Pennyroyal Green Excerpt Tour where today we have an excerpt from A Notorious Countess Confesses

Vicar Adam Sylvaine visits Olivia Eversea

When they’d reached a row of benches tucked among a series of rosebushes, he stopped abruptly.

“Olivia, I did come here for a reason today.”

Her eyes widened. “You should see your expression, Adam.” She sounded so calm, so wryly amused. As though the worst she could experience had already taken place, and nothing else would ever cause more than a ripple in her composure. “So very, very somber.”

“Something that once belonged to you has been entrusted to me. I should like to return it.”

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Giveaway: Enter to Win a Copy of SO SWEET by Rebekah Weatherspoon!

So Sweet Rebekah Weatherspoon

Hey guys! The awesome team here at EverAfter Romance was nice enough to let me kick off 7 Days of So Sweet with a rockin’ giveaway. SEVEN, yes 7 copies of So Sweet are up for grabs. Enter to win and find out what I have in store for the young and beautiful Kayla Davis and her billionaire boo.

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

And desperate is the only way to describe Kayla Davis’s current situation. Out of work and almost out of money to cover her bills, Kayla finally caves to her roommate’s nagging and follows her to Arrangements, an online dating site that matches pretty young women with older men of a certain tax bracket.

Convinced this “make-rent-quick” scheme will surely fail—or saddle her with an 80 year old boyfriend—Kayla is shocked when Michael Bradbury, Internet billionaire and stone-cold salt and pepper fox, offers her a solution to all her financial troubles.
It’s hard enough for Kayla to accept his generosity, but what’s a girl to do when the wealthiest man she’s ever met is a dream in and outside of the bedroom?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rebekah Weatherspoon was raised in Southern New Hampshire and now lives in Southern California with a great human, one cat whom she loves dearly and another cat she wants to take back to the shelter. You can find out more about Rebekah and the steamy, funny romance she writes at or find her on Facebook or Twitter.

Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Kennedy Layne’s HIDDEN FLAMES

Hidden Flames Kennedy Layne

Today book two in Kennedy Layne’s Surviving Ashes series, Hidden Flames, is out. Kennedy has shared with us an exclusive excerpt from the book! Be sure to pick up your copy today!

There were a few things that got Owen Quade through his multiple combat tours. One was the dream of riding a custom motorcycle on a winding mountain road. The former Marine had finally managed to complete that goal, and along the way he’d gained his own bike shop and the mechanic to go with it. She was a rare beauty, and he wasn’t talking about his bike either.

Prue Whitaker preferred working on engines over rubbing shoulders with people, and that included her boss. She’d learned the hard way that men weren’t as reliable as the hogs she could repair and she kept her distance from those who didn’t feel the same way. She’d been successful until she’d recently shared a scorching kiss with Owen.

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Morning Bites

Who Are the Best Friends in Romance Novels?


Who are we without our friends? It seems like an excellent time to talk friendships, and how friendships are just as important in romance novels as in real life. Who’s got our back? Our best girlfriend. Who’s there when your dirtbag boyfriend does something that proves what your friend has been saying all along about him? Your friend (and she doesn’t even say “I told you so.” She just passes you the cookies).

Who are your favorite friends in romance?