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What I Like to Find in Novels | Nate Jenkins

When the Brass Ring Grabs You AMAZON
I’ve read many novels over my lifetime and found one common trait among the ones that I liked.  I can see the story in my mind.  I don’t like to be bogged down with too many details.  I like just enough detail so that I can see what the writer or what I want to see in the character or in the scene described.  When I can see the book like it’s a movie.  That’s also how I like to write.  I want the reader to be able to see what they want as well as what I want them to.  I give them just enough detail so they can make their own pictures.  I’ve had several people tell me my books read like a movie.  A lot of them wanted to direct that movie too or at least get an executive producer credit.

It has to be a good story too.  It needs to move, have some suspense to it.  I like it to be a page turner, make me want to read the next page.  I also want to have romance.  There needs to be a hero and a heroine who somehow manage to save each other.  James Cameron’s “Titanic” had suspense and romance and both hero and heroine.  As the old woman narrating the story said about Jack, “He saved me in every way a person can be saved.”  There also needs to be a villain, one everyone can see and knows about. Then maybe one behind the scenes who is pushing all the buttons.  No one knows of this villain until later in the book.  If it has those characteristics, then I consider it a good read.

Different strokes for different folks though.  I know a lady who likes a lot of detail.  She wants to know everything about the characters, their hair and eye color, their height and weight.  What their voice sounds like.  What their clothes look like.  She wants to know in great detail what the room the characters are in looks like.  If there are flowers, she wants to know what kind and how many.  I know she’s not the only one like this.  I’ve actually met quite a few who need the details to enjoy the book.

The common denominator is we all enjoy reading.  To escape for a little while into a world created by words and ideas.  Where the characters are as good or as bad as we want to make them.  We have our favorite characters and those we wish death upon.  The better the book the more intense the feelings of love and hate, of beauty and the repulsive.  We have been reading almost since the beginning of time and hopefully continuing until the end.  



About the Author:

Nate Jenkins, born in Channelview, Texas, went on to receive an Associates of Applied Science degree from Texas State Technical Institute majoring in Computer Science Technology. Now a retired computer programmer with computer codes he’s written spread all over the world, Nate is a musician who loves music of all kinds. As a father of three, two sons and a daughter, and a grandfather of three, Nate currently lives in Pearland, Texas where he is playing out a lifelong passion for writing. When the Brass Ring Grabs You is the first book in Nate’s I’ve Always Heard… series. Keep an eye out for much more from this talented author!

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When the Brass Ring Grabs You AMAZONAbout the book: 

When the Brass Ring Grabs You

What would you do for five millions dollars?

When John Watson answered that question he gets in way over his head.

The FBI, a crooked police chief and a Colombian Drug Lord are all looking for him.

Two things may save him. They don’t know his name. And his first high school crush, Bonnie Greene.

And if John is being honest, Bonnie isn’t the most stable person, especially after losing her seven-year-old daughter. She’s been working out of the Riverview Motel, making money the “old-fashion” way. And she likes to drink a little too much.

Just how far will John and Bonnie go, what will they discover and how will the Brass Ring Grab them?

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