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Guest Post: “Surrendering” by Lise Kim Horton

Hold Tight Lise Kim Horton

Today we welcome Lise Kim Horton to EverAfter to share her thoughts on the seductive lure of surrender. Lise’s BDSM romance, Hold Tight, pairs a curious sub with a powerful (in more ways than one) Dom. Thanks for surrendering to us today, Lise!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to surrender?

The glory of Dominance and submission, of kink and BDSM, is a radiant backdrop for an erotic romance, where the emotion rises to a fever pitch that matches the intensity of the sexual relationship. Trust is paramount in a power exchange, and it is this element that plunges your couple into their carnal relationship that much more quickly. Freely given, in a safe, sane and consensual love story, it draws them into an intensely powerful, edgy realm.

Because it is always a romance. No matter how raw, the soul of a BDSM love story is the love. The emotional connection that is forged by the trust the partners share. Add graphic kink and it is an explosive combination. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be swept away by something so powerful? Taken to the very edge to taste forbidden fruits? Have you ever imagined the feel of a man’s palm as he smacks your ass? Or a man’s hand wrapped around your throat as he seduces you with his commands? The loss of control as you are held down, taken, and overwhelmed until you explode in an ecstasy so freeing, you will never be the same?

How would it feel to give yourself over to a man to do with as he wishes? For your mutual pleasure, of course!

“I love seeing all those emotions on your face, Eden. Curiosity, impatience, fear. I like fear. I feed on it. Not terror, but that wide-eyed look that says you don’t know what I’m going to do to you, and you don’t know if you can take it—or want to. But you’re going to let me do it anyway. Because it’s like walking a razor’s edge. Fear on one side. Ecstasy on the other.”

Kinky erotic romance offers that experience. To make the taboo journey with the lovers who push every limit until they find that ecstasy. And it will, indeed, be a razor-sharp moment, as it is in my new novel, Hold Tight, when kink-curious Eden Grant is swept into the high-powered world of football superstar and sports media mogul, Hud “The Rocket” Crockett. The Dominant Sadist peels away the sophisticated veneer of a modern woman chafing under society’s expectation, to reveal the feisty submissive beneath. He indulges her curiosity with pleasure and pain, and an addictive lust. And once she gives him her trust, once she surrenders to his touch, Eden knows she will never be satisfied with anything less.

Exploration. Discovery. Trust. Power. Lust.

In BDSM romance there are no shades of grey. Everything is brilliant-hued in this red-hot world.

“Before I met you, I didn’t know what I was missing. Now? I know exactly what I’d be missing. I’d be missing the electricity of your touch. The highest of highs, and yes, I know, a life with you might mean experiencing some terrible lows. But it’s my choice, Hud. All my life I’ve been floating on a calm lake. No danger. No fear. There hasn’t been anything that grabs me by my soul and takes me to that place where I can no longer think or reason. To that sublime place where I can only feel. Where I can reach the stars. I don’t want that placid lake. I want the wild ride with you.”

Haven’t you wondered how it would feel to give in to wicked desires? To find the one and only lover to lead you on the journey into this wondrous and decadent world?

Haven’t you wondered how it would feel to surrender?

Lise Horton is a native New York City gal who has worked in jobs as various as diamond grader, theatre union assistant, bartender, and legal assistant in one of New York City’s premier entertainment law firms. In a previous creative incarnation, she was an award-winning cabaret singer in some of Manhattan’s iconic clubs and attributes her depth of insight in romance fiction to that experience. “There is nothing quite as magical as seducing an audience with magnificent songs of love and longing; drawing them into the story and making their hearts yearn right along with yours.” Those years helped fuel her desire to create and share torrid stories of love and passion as a romance author. Lise can be found her in all her naughty incarnations at

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  1. Lise Horton

    My thanks to the wonderful folks at Ever After Romance for allowing me to visit with everyone! Long live romance!

  2. Lisbeth Eng

    This book sounds almost too hot to handle! I’d better get my oven mitts on. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Lise Horton

      Perhaps I should give away a pair with every book?! Thank you for stopping by, Lisbeth Eng and I hope you will let me know how you like my steamy love story!

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