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Guest Post: “5 Side Characters Whose Story I Desperately Want to Read” by Ellie Reads

Usually I focus on the main couple in the romance I’m reading but sometimes there is a side character that steals the show or intrigues me just enough as to imagine what happens to them in the future. Sometimes the authors grant our wishes and we get a series of fabulous stories featuring side characters from the previous books. Other times, though, our beloved side characters remain just that, an added bonus to the story which makes the main couple shine even brighter.

Here is my list of 5 side characters that grabbed my attention and I hope the authors would look kindly upon my wishes and someday would write their stories.

I’m starting with Niall from Glitterland by Alexis Hall. He is Ash’s ex and is now in love with a bisexual friend of theirs who, in the course of the story, marries a woman from their circle of friends. Niall has a major role in Ash and Darrian’s story and while he made me want to punch him in the face more than once while reading Glitterland, I also felt deeply sympathetic to him. He seemed so hurt, lost and alone, unable to find his place in the changing world of his friends. Despite his mistakes I feel he is a good man and I want him to find his happiness. Most of all, I want to read his journey to a well-deserved HEA.

Jim from Meatworks by Jordan Castillo Price is Desmond’s ex and he is still very much present in his life. We get glimpses of his story, seen through the eyes of Desmond and I found it really intriguing. Desmond and Jim had a lot in common when they were together but gradually they moved in different directions and now they seem to completely different. I’m curious about what provoked the change in Jim, how he ended up where we see him in Meatworks,  and most of all I want to know how he moved on from Desmond and what will happen with him in the future.

Max is Dylan’s brother from the Everything I Left Unsaid duology by M. O’Keefe. He is such an intriguing character, dark and twisted, a biker, a criminal on the run, yet Dylan never quite gave up on him. His story is bound to be raw and gritty and I fear, full of pain, but knowing Ms. O’Keefe’s writing style, it would be intense and very emotional, the kind of romantic story I like to read.

Another brother on my list of intriguing side characters is Seamus, Sidra’s brother from Softer Than Steel by Jessica Topper. Ms. Topper has created colorful diverse characters in her novel and Seamus is just one of them. He is of mixed Irish-Indian origin who looks Irish in appearance but feels Indian at heart. He is a talented but undervalued musician. And a sweetheart. He desperately wants to find a nice Indian girl to fall in love with. His mixed background makes him self-conscious and it’s really difficult for him to fit anywhere in the world. I don’t know where his life/love might go but I’m curious to read about it. I’m sure it will be unlike anything I’ve read ever before and I trust Ms. Topper to make an engaging beautiful love story out of it.

Finally, we have Andie, a side character from Nothing Like Paris by Amy Jo Cousins. She is a young single mother, who got pregnant after just one night of sex in high school. She is working for Miguel and after being rejected by her family, she is trying to get her life back in track while learning who she is and what she wants (professionally, personally). And there is a hot sensual kiss scene in the book between Andie and another as part of her exploration of her sexuality. We don’t see much more of her but I’m intrigued and I’m trying to imagine how her life might go from here. Ms. Cousins has the knack of creating real-life young characters and I believe Andie will be no exception if we ever get to read her story.

Now it’s time for you to share who your favorite characters are. Whose stories do you want to read the most?

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