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Guest Post: Amanda Bonilla’s Top 5 Favorite Assassins

Shadows at Midnight Amanda Bonilla

Amanda Bonilla’s deadly assassin Darian returns in the fifth book of the Shaede Assassin series, Shadows at Midnight. Amanda is somewhat of an assassin connoisseur, and she’s here to share her Top 5 Favorite Assassins (because everyone has that list, right?). Is your favorite lethal weapon here? Thanks for stopping by, Amanda!

I’ve always been fascinated by assassins, the way they can sometimes be portrayed as gray area characters. The complexity of putting the character’s conscience on hold to carry out a hit while later retaining his or her humanity enough to interact with other characters always has a way of drawing me in. In the Shaede Assassin series, Darian has spent the past five books working her way from cold and apathetic to a deeper and more relatable character. In SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT, she’s got to hold on her to tough edge if she wants to save the people she cares about. And now that book 5 is out in the world, I thought I’d share my list of top five fictional assassins:

  1. Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad from Assassin’s Creed

Ever After #1I’m not a gamer, but I wish I was. I can rock Super Mario, but give me anything with dual joysticks and I’m lost. I happen to live with a couple of gamers, though, and I love to watch my guys play. One of my all-time favorite game franchises is Assassin’s Creed, and for me, Altaïr takes the cake. You can’t get any more hard-core than this Syrian assassin. He’s been raised from birth for the sole purpose of killing. He’s on a mission to redeem himself after being demoted to the rank of novice after a botched job. Templars are his targets and his stealthy attacks and ability to blend in make him nothing more than a ghost in the crowd.



  1. John Wick

Ever After #2Dark, damaged, and deadly, this fictional assassin hits all of my Oh Yes! buttons. Especially when his motivation is vengeance. Nothing makes a retired assassin angrier than being pulled back into the world he’s trying to put behind him. John Wick is as deadly as they come and he doesn’t mess around. Don’t get in the path of his end goal or he will MOW YOU DOWN.



  1. Gin Blanco from Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series

Ever After #3Of course Gin is in my Top 5! Also known as The Spider, this knife wielding, BBQ cooking assassin isn’t a woman to be messed with. Gin is yet another “retired” assassin trying to put her deadly world behind her to no avail. Her elemental abilities are totally kick ass and if you’re on her hit list, you’d better watch out. Like all great assassins, she’s got a painful past to fuel her fire and a will that isn’t easily broken. Gin is tough and tenacious, with just enough snark to put a smile on my face.





  1. Xhex from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Ever After #4Out of all of Ward’s females, Xhex is by far my favorite. Tough is an understatement when describing this Sympath. She’s faced horrors in the course of her life that have made this assassin as tough as they come. Her advantage over the run-of-the-mill vampire comes from her Sympath heritage which enables her to venture out in the light of day. Rival vampires and evil Lessers won’t know what hit them until it’s too late. Oh, and the fact that she has the attention of my favorite brother: AKA, John Matthew doesn’t hurt either.




  1. Selene from Underworld

Ever After #5This vampire takes bad-assery to a whole new level. She’s everything I love in an alpha female: cynical and tough, with a mind as sharp as a tack. Her wardrobe isn’t too shabby either. Come on, if I had a body like that, I’d wear her patent-leather cat-suit to the grocery store. Every. Day. Selene knows her weapons and how to use them. She’s been hunting Lycans for centuries and she’s honed her skills to a sharp edge. And say what you will, but her stringy, dirty-looking hair only makes me love her more.


Who are some of your favorite fictional assassins? What personality traits to you love/hate in these characters?

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  1. Deanna

    1. Darian
    2. Gin Blanco
    3. Sabina Kane (Jaye Wells)
    4. Celaena (Throne of Glass)
    5. Kate Daniels

  2. Amy Braun

    Great list! I definitely agree with all of them (thought I don’t know Xhex), and was happy that John Wick and Altaïr were on the list!

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