Q&A: Rosanne Bittner of LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE

Love's Sweet Revenge Rosanne Bittner

Thank you for allowing me to be interviewed on Ever After Romance! A little about me, I have penned 63 books, 62 of them now published and a great many of them still in circulation due to reprints and new covers. I write about the American West of the 1800’s and I am often called the Queen of Western Romance.

I have been writing 35 years and have won numerous awards.  Nearly all my books are based on real (well-researched) American historical events and locations.  I just get my fictitious characters involved and off we go on a romantic journey through “real” history.  The most-used comment I get from readers is “Your characters are so real.” And “I couldn’t put the book down.”  I hope my newest title, Love’s Sweet Revenge, does both for you!  I am known for writing gritty westerns that are sometimes hard to read, but the powerful love story wound into each book keeps the pages turning.

What is the biggest difference between romance novels and real life? 

I would probably say the men.  Too many men don’t have a clue what women really want.  I’ve always said reading and watching porn ain’t it, guys.  That’s not what women want.  READ A ROMANCE and find out what they REALLY want.

Is your life a romance novel?

NO! My goodness, no one’s life is a romance novel.  That’s why so many women READ romance – to escape from reality!  However, I will say that the number one requirement in a long and happy marriage is feeling truly loved and respected, and to totally TRUST.  My husband and I have been married almost 51 years, so yes, we have all three requirements, and I am still crazy about him!

Why is historical romance my favorite romance genre?

It’s because I love writing about an era when “men could be men.”  And women were strong and able and survived all kinds of obstacles put in their way, especially in the case of pioneer women traveling across the country in covered wagons with children in tow.  There were very strong women who had to match up to the very strong men. There are so many incredible survival stories out there.

Things were quieter, the land more untouched and unexplored and pristine.  I picture the sound of the whistle of one of the first trains to travel across the western plains and prairies and through the mountains on the transcontinental railroad tracks … and I hear the words …  “This country will never be the same.”  And it wasn’t.  The phenomenal growth of America will always fascinate me, but it came at a very high price for too many of our early pioneers.

USA Today bestseller and award-winning novelist Rosanne Bittner is known as the “Queen of Western Historical Romance” for her thrilling love stories and historical authenticity. Her epic romances span the West—and are often based on Rosanne’s personal visits to each setting. She lives in Coloma, Michigan, with her husband and two sons.

Rosanne can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and RosanneBittner.com.

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