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Guest Post: “How I Bucked Family Tradition and Became a Federal Agent and a Romance Writer” by Tee O’Fallon

Burnout Tee O'Fallon

I am the black sheep in a family of severely intelligent overachievers. My mother, father, and brother have collectively amongst them three bachelors degrees, three masters degrees (two in geophysics, one in mechanical engineering), one PhD in geophysics, and one MD. And then there’s me. The fed.

I went to college then dropped out first semester of my sophomore year. Ironic, but if I hadn’t dropped out, I wouldn’t have graduated. At first read, that sentence probably doesn’t make sense to you, but dropping out for a term reaffirmed that I did, indeed, want to go back to school and finish my degree. I bartended a bit on the side for cash and fun then bounced around from being an architecture major, to a geology major, before settling on environmental science. But somewhere inside, I knew science wasn’t for me in the long run. Science was interesting, no doubt, and it was in my blood, but I was fighting my natural inclination. Until I took that hundred-question test they offer you in college to help you figure out what you want to be when you grow up. Still kinda working on that, by the way.

I took the test. Shock of all shocks, seemed like everything I liked was about law enforcement. Plus, Adam-12 reruns were my favorite show. Kent McCord was such a hottie. And lordy, did that man age well! But I digress, so back to fighting my natural inclination.

I graduated, got good grades, and did work for a bit in the sciences for an unnamed federal agency in New York City. There I became intrigued by the locked door on the second floor. Someone finally told me:  That’s where all the federal agents are. How intrigued was I? Enough to get an interview with the Special Agent in Charge of that unnamed agency. Sadly, they weren’t hiring at the time, but the agency across the river in New Jersey was. I got another interview, got hired, and went to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. I left there with another new diploma, along with a shiny gold badge, handcuffs, and a gun. I’ve been a fed ever since.

So how did I stray down the path toward becoming a Romance writer?

Stretch your mind back to my teenage years. That decade shall remain unspoken, as I’ll always be 29 from this day forward. Whilst in my teens, my family often went to Hilton Head, South Carolina for family vacation. In our hotel room one year, I found a romance novel in the top drawer of the nightstand, right next to the Holy Bible. I had never read one of these before. In a family of scientists and engineers, such a book was unheard of. Nevertheless, I had to read it and did. Lo and behold, it was surprisingly good. I burned through that book then promptly took another one out of the library as soon as we got home. It was good, but not nearly as good as the one I found next to the Holy Bible. The next one I read was downright disappointing. Not to be put off, I took more out and discovered most were quite good or they never would have made it to print. Although at some point, I thought to myself:  I can do better.

Years went by, and working as a fed gave me some great ideas that I had to write down, and at some point I started considering writing my first novel. Working as a criminal investigator gave me so much to feed from for a suspense story. But I always did love the HEA, so my secondary career path started going in the direction of romance writing, of all things. It also didn’t hurt that in my business I got to work with some of the manliest of men on the planet. My job gives me man-fodder for my heroes, not to mention great inspiration for all my bad guys and the many quirky things that do, in fact, happen “on-the-job”. You would not believe some of the weird things I’ve seen in my career. The list is long and entertaining. Some of it will, undoubtedly, be immortalized in my future novels.

Years later, after reviewing so many books I’ve lost count, enough articles on writing to line a swimming pool, even reading Writing A Romance Novel For Dummies, my first novel was born. Still not good enough for a contract, but I kept writing anyway because I loved it so much. Many, many submissions and rejections later, I got an agent and a contract. The moral of the story being, don’t ever give up. Don’t ever stop writing, and don‘t ever get discouraged. That first book contract may be right around the corner.

About Burnout:

He’s been a cop too long not to recognize the signs of a woman running from her past.

She’s not who she says she is—and isn’t about to share her secrets.

Sexy-as-sin Police Chief Mike Flannery knows the new arrival to Hopewell Springs is trouble. She has a smoking-hot body and a quick wit…and he’ll be damned if that’s not a turn-on. But this former NYPD cop and small-town heartthrob has been burned before, and there’s no way he’ll let that happen again.

New York City Detective Cassie Yates is on the run. A six-month undercover sting in a sleazy bar seemed like a textbook arrest—but now there’s a hit out on her. Armed with fake ID, her K-9 companion, and a police-issued SUV, she flees to a quiet upstate town where she trades her badge and gun for a spatula, finally finding peace in the dream she tossed aside to follow her family into law enforcement.

There’s no denying the fire and ice between them. But as the hired assassin closes in, Mike’s past comes roaring back and secrets are revealed in an explosion destined to tear them apart—if not destroy them.

Tee O’Fallon has been a federal agent for twenty-two years, giving her hands-on experience in the field of law enforcement that she combines with her love of romantic suspense. Tee’s job affords her the unique opportunity to work with the heroic and sexy men in law enforcement on a daily basis. For Tee, research is the easy part!

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