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How Covet Authors Put the “Para” in Normal: Part I

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Entangled’s Covet line is having a massive $0.99 sale across their titles! Today we have three of their great authors to share how they put the Normal in Para!

Meet Kristin Miller

Author of Beauty and the Werewolf

I love writing about fiery, independent heroines, and swoon-worthy heroes. I enjoy fun tropes with exciting twists:

enemies-to-lovers, arranged marriages, friends-to-lovers, and mistaken identity. Whether I’m writing small town contemporaries, or snarky and sexy paranormal romances, that’s “normal” for me. But I also have a soft spot for werewolves. When I started writing the Seattle and San Francisco Wolf Pack books, I knew I wanted to write real people with real problems, adding in a paranormal element. Werewolf-next-door type books. Wouldn’t it be thrilling if your boss—the hot guy you’ve been drooling over since you became an intern—shifted into a large, brooding Alpha male who howled at the moon? And wouldn’t it be even better if he were your fated mate—the one destined to love you and protect you for the rest of your life? I’m swooning already. That’s how I put the para in my normal.

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Guest Post: Amanda Bonilla’s Top 5 Favorite Assassins

Shadows at Midnight Amanda Bonilla

Amanda Bonilla’s deadly assassin Darian returns in the fifth book of the Shaede Assassin series, Shadows at Midnight. Amanda is somewhat of an assassin connoisseur, and she’s here to share her Top 5 Favorite Assassins (because everyone has that list, right?). Is your favorite lethal weapon here? Thanks for stopping by, Amanda!

I’ve always been fascinated by assassins, the way they can sometimes be portrayed as gray area characters. The complexity of putting the character’s conscience on hold to carry out a hit while later retaining his or her humanity enough to interact with other characters always has a way of drawing me in. In the Shaede Assassin series, Darian has spent the past five books working her way from cold and apathetic to a deeper and more relatable character. In SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT, she’s got to hold on her to tough edge if she wants to save the people she cares about. And now that book 5 is out in the world, I thought I’d share my list of top five fictional assassins:

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Guest Post: Yasmine Galenorn on Returning to an Old Series

Night Shivers Yasmine Galenorn

Today we have Yasmine Galenorn talking about how it felt to return to her Indigo Court series for her latest novella, Night Shivers. We’re excited to have her and hope you’ll pick up a copy today! Be sure and leave a comment below for a chance to win a signed copy of Night Myst, the first book in the Indigo Court series!

When I finished writing NIGHT’S END, I really thought I was done with the series. I brought the Myst story arc to a finish, and added an epilogue so people wouldn’t feel like they were left hanging. The epilogue happened twenty-five years after the end of the story arc. For months now I’ve had people asking me for more—they want to read more about what happened to Cicely and the others. And each time I have said, “Sorry, I’m done with the story and I left it it a good ending.”

So imagine my surprise when a new idea for the Indigo Court world suddenly popped into my mind. I realized — now free from the story arc of the battle against Myst, and free to take the series in any direction I want — there are other stories I can tell. Stories that I probably couldn’t get published in traditional ways. So, I decided to write a novella set one year after the end of the last battle.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn