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Deal Alert: Katana Collins’s WICKED EXPOSURE is $1.99!

Wicked Exposure Katana Collins

The first book in Katana Collins’s erotic suspense series, Wicked Exposure, is on sale for $1.99! So much hotness, so few pennies. Collins’s blend of erotic mystery (with a few touches of BDSM) makes for a compelling, fast-paced, and sexy read. Here’s the synopsis:

Nothing left to hide. . .

A forensic photographer with the NYPD, Jessica is devastated to receive word of her sister’s death in a robbery gone awry. But when she arrives home in Portland and the local PD asks her to take pictures, she finds more than she bargained for. With each new photo she exposes more of her sister’s secret erotic life. And when she shares her discoveries with Sam, the super sexy local detective, she experiences passion she never knew possible. But Jessica soon learns she’s merely a pawn in a deadly game of betrayal and revenge and begins to wonder if her next picture could be her last. . .

We’re not sure how long the deal lasts, so snap it up now.

Guest Post

Guest Post: “Redeeming a Villain” by Meghan March

Beneath These Scars Meghan March

Who doesn’t love a story of redemption? Especially when its the bad guy turning good and getting their Happily Ever After! Today Meghan March discusses how she pulls this off!

He’s the guy you love to hate. Not just your run-of-the-mill bad boy, but a bad man. The villain. So how do you redeem a character of that nature and get readers on board with giving him a happily ever after? Well, in the case of Lucas Titan, the villain we originally met in Beneath This Ink, it was actually some of the most fun I’ve had so far in my writing career. There’s something about a guy with an underhanded motive who is willing to blur the line between right and wrong that made the words fly from my head to the page. Because let’s be honest, don’t we all want to know why the bad guy does what he does?

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt:
Lora Leigh’s WICKED LIES!

Wicked Lies Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh’s Wicked Lies is out this week!

From #1 bestselling author Lora Leigh comes Wicked Lies, a sizzling novel of the Men of Summer-their ways and means, and the women they desire…

Jazz Lancing is the stuff of legends. A mountain-bred ex-Navy SEAL with rugged dark looks, a tall muscled frame, and gorgeous blue eyes, he can have any woman he wants in the state of Tennessee. Except Annie Mayes. The beautiful, innocent teacher refuses to fall for Jazz because she’s hiding a secret more powerful than her own temptation …

Jazz knows that Annie isn’t who she says she is-that she’s lying about her identity, her past, and her motives. But can she be trusted? Little does he know Annie has been craving his kiss for years, dreaming that Jazz would take her in his arms and save her from her demons. But telling Jazz the truth could put both of them in peril. In this deadly game of danger, deceit, and darkness, is desire worth the risk of losing…everything?

Check out this exclusive look at the third chapter:

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn