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Q&A: Alessandra Torre of MOONSHOT

Moonshot Alessandra Torre

Today we’ve got a Q&A with a Romance author that needs no introduction. Alessandra Torre, known for being one of the few authors in the world to make their characters (and readers) scream with delight and terror. Between steamy romantic scenes and sheer suspense, we’re never on the edge of our seats with an Alessandra Torre book. We’re that embarrassing girl in the cafe who’s accidentally slid off her seat. So when we heard Moonshot would combine suspense, romance, and a lot of our favorite sport, we were all over it. Check out an awesome Q&A below and pick up Moonshot, out today!


What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Proposal
  • Ghost
  • 10 Things I Hate About You


Describe your favorite scene from each one.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Singing Dracula musical songs in that Hawaiian dive bar.

The Princess Bride: When Buttercup realizes who Wesley is!

The Proposal: When Margaret and Andrew are in the plane flying to Sitka.

Ghost: When Molly finally believes.

10 Things I Hate About You: “But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

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Guest Post

Guest Post: 5 Great Romantic Movies from Mia Hopkins

Cowboy Cocktail Mia Hopkins

Thank you so much for having me on EverAfter!

Today I’d like to share my top five favorite romantic movies. The list is pretty eclectic, but all of these movies have elements that remind me of Clark and Melody, the sexy friends-to-lovers from my latest release, Cowboy Player.

Like the heroines of Moonstruck and Amélie, Melody resists falling in love—she’s a busy woman, and she’s long given up on romance. Like the characters in It Happened One Night, Clark and Melody share lots of banter. Like City Lights and Eat Drink Man Woman, Clark and Melody’s story has a big reveal at the end.

City Lights (1931)

This silent movie from 1931 is one of my favorites. Without any spoken dialogue, Charlie Chaplain tells the sweet story of a tramp and the blind flower vendor he loves. The visual gags are amazing, but the final scene between the two main characters is full of genuine emotion—I was in tears the first time I saw it. (And by “in tears” I mean full-on crying!)

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR by Jessica Lemmon

The Billionaire Bachelor Jessica Lemmon

We are so excited to share this tense sneak peek of Jessica Lemmon‘s The Billionaire Bachelor, you guys! Power suits, high stakes business decisions, incredibly expensive lingerie! It has it all and it’s out right now!

“I have an idea,” Reese announced. Something that had been knocking around in his head since a soaking wet Merina Van Heusen had marched into his office and plunked a doorknob onto his desk.

At the mention of an idea, Alex waited. Tag’s brow creased.

Tag should know better. Of course Reese would come up with a plan before he gave up on being named CEO. It may be an impromptu, mostly old-fashioned plan, but it was a plan.

“Merina Van Heusen came by my office this morning to speak with me about my plans to remodel the Van Heusen.”

Alex’s brow went up.

“She left incensed,” Reese continued. “Stormed out of my office fifteen minutes later but not before insulting me in front of Phil Lightman.”

“You’re remodeling the Van Heusen? That place is a landmark,” Tag said.

“All aboard the ball-busting train.” Reese gave Tag a dry look.

His brother grinned in response. “Well, it is.”

“Shit,” Alex said with a raspy chuckle. His father was in a sleek gray suit and whimsical checkered tie and wore a full white mustache/goatee combo that complemented his thick white hair. He was former military, brawny, had brains and power, and enough balls to say what he meant.

“Shit is right.” Tag winced. “I’ve met Merina Van Heusen. She loves that hotel. I bet she freaked.”

Reese frowned. He’d never met her before this morning. “Where did you meet Merina Van Heusen?”

“Hotel supply conference.” Tag shrugged.

Reese shook his head. If there was a party, Tag was there. It’s one reason he was damn good at what he did for Crane. No one schmoozed like Tag.

“I spoke to her and her parents about the VH. It was obvious she loved that building for more than its bottom-line potential,” Tag said.

“Bad business,” Alex put in.

“Merina is more than just a numbers girl,” Reese stated, agreeing with both his brother and his father. Her passion for her hotel was a tick in the plus column for Reese, because he had something she wanted. That he’d bet she’d do anything to get back.

“I have a perception problem,” Reese said.

Alex grunted his agreement.

“The board sees me as a rich, spoiled prince about to inherit the kingdom. They don’t trust me. I’m unsettled. A loner.” A playboy, the tabloids said. He didn’t care for the insulting title, but it wasn’t untrue. He enjoyed the company of a number of women, consensually, of course, and he wasn’t about to apologize for it.

“A man-whore?” Tag offered.

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Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: West from IGNITE & Lane from SMOLDER by Karen Erickson


Over the weekend, I read the first book in the Wildwood series, Ignite, and was lucky enough to get an ARC of Smolder from the amazing Karen Erickson, so I dived into that on Sunday, and you know what? cover 1 (1)cover 2 (1) They were freaking awesome! hells yeah

Especially the heroes of the books, West and Lane. West is the younger Gallagher brother, a firefighter, and a former trouble maker. teaser While he dated Delilah in high school, he secretly wanted sweet Harper. The night before he left town, he kissed Harper, and then ditched her, leaving her feeling betrayed.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Guest Post

Guest Post: “That One Time at Camp” by Jenny Holiday

His Heart’s Revenge Jenny Holiday

Ah, summer camp. The idea of summer camp appeals to me so much. A break from school and parents. Stargazing, canoeing, idolizing the counselors, sharing secrets by the campfire while you promise to be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER AMEN with your crew.

So when I got a chance to write a book that included some flashbacks to summer camp (and some modern-day camping, too), I jumped at it.

The only problem was that, like many things I tend to get excited about, there’s fantasy and then there’s reality.

I only went to camp once. It was the Girl Scout variety. I think it was the summer between second and third grade. My friend Kim and I packed up our sleeping bags and bug repellant and headed for the north woods.

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Exclusive Excerpt, Giveaway

Exclusive Excerpt + GIVEAWAY: Miranda Liasson’s A MAN OF HONOR

A Man of Honor Miranda Liasson

My Entangled book releasing this week, A Man of Honor, is about a rather tortured military hero who believes his injuries from the war and his across-the-tracks past are more than enough to keep him away from the woman he loves, Cat Kingston.

Cat’s had an unlucky couple of years—a broken engagement, loss of her job, and Preston suddenly ghosting on her just when she thought her luck had finally changed. When she learns a secret he’s kept that indicates his true feelings, she decides to do everything in her power to help him overcome his demons.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the book, as Preston is trying to fix Cat up with another guy, and doing a terrible job of it…

“It’s okay,” she said, ready to dig into her own burger. “We can change the subject.”

He put down his burger and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “I took a bullet for one of my squadron mates. I jumped in instinctively, but I wasn’t quite fast enough to get us both out of the way. It caught me in the leg and shattered my knee.”

“What about your buddy?”

“He and his wife just had a baby girl.”

Her eyes began to tear up suddenly.

He shifted in his seat. “Oh, come on now, don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying.” She swiped at the corners of her eyes.

“I bet you cry at sappy old movies. And weddings.”

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Johnny Devlin of Marie Harte’s TEST DRIVE

Test Drive Marie Harte

I love knowing the backstories of characters that never make it into the book, yet live in their authors minds. So today I thought I’d share background on Johnny Devlin, the hero of Test Drive.

Before I start writing any book, I do a basic rundown of the character, which gets fleshed out as I write. Here’s…Johnny! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)



Description—29 yrs, short brown hair, green eyes, tatted arm, 6’1. Muscular and lean, loves to run. Charming.

Family—Jack (father) is a gambler turned strip club owner. Mona (mother) passed away when Johnny 2. Raised by father and variety of father’s live-in girlfriends over the years. No siblings.


Johnny doesn’t trust easily. Father is charming but not great with parenting. Can’t hold onto a woman, doesn’t share himself more than physically. He dumps most women who grow to love him. And the few he feels for reject him. Johnny grows up wanting but not getting that loving female connection. Some of his favorite “moms”–Cierra, Noel, Amber (strippers).

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Scenes in SADDLE UP to Make You Laugh & Blush

Saddle Up Victoria Vane

We are so thrilled to have Victoria Vane on our blog! Today she’s sharing  one scene from Saddle Up that made her laugh and one that made her blush!

Saddle Up is an emotionally engaging story. I ran the whole gamut of emotions while writing it.  My hero and heroine are both sympathetic characters who are disillusioned with their dreams and now trying to find their place in the world.  While Keith is jaded, Miranda is still idealistic enough to want to make a difference in the world.  It is my hope that readers will find Saddle Up to be an emotionally engaging story. The ending is satisfying but also bittersweet and may even bring on a tear or two.

There are several scenes that will definitely inspire a good chuckle.  Here’s a favorite funny snippet between Miranda and her grandmother, Jo-Jo:

“When we’re finished here, we should also go and take a look at some used equipment. With winter coming on, we’re going to have to feed a lot of hay to those mustangs. I think we might need a bale splitter. I wish I hadn’t already sold ours, but I didn’t think I’d ever need one again. I’m hoping we might be able to rent one.”

“Shouldn’t we wait until we hire someone to help us?” Miranda asked.

“I suppose we could,” Jo-Jo agreed. “I’ve just become used to doing everything myself. To be honest, now that you’re doing my morning chores, I’m not even sure how to occupy my time.”

“That’s probably a good thing. You’ve worked hard for a lot of years. You should do something for yourself now, Jo-Jo. Something you enjoy.”

“You mean like reading, knitting, or needlework?” Jo-Jo rolled her eyes. “I’ve tried all of those things over the years, but never could sit still long enough to do any of them.”

“Then maybe you need to find something more active? How about a yoga class?”

“Yoga? Sweetheart, I’ve had no reason to put my legs around my neck since Bud passed on.”

“Jo-Jo!” Miranda squealed.

“Don’t look so scandalized.” Jo-Jo laughed. “I’ll have you know I’ve read the Kama Sutra cover to cover.” She added with a wink, “You gotta spice things up from time to time when you’re with the same man for fifty-some years.”

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Steals & Deals

Deal Alert: Gwyn Cready, Alicia Michaels, and Ali Parker

It’s super (not-so-secret) mid-week Deal Alert time! Why? Because we love books. Especially when we can afford them. Don’t miss these steals from Gwyn Cready, Alicia Michaels, and Ali Parker!

Just in Time for a Highlander by Gwyn Cready

From RITA winner Gwyn Cready comes a Scottish borderlands time travel romance perfect for fans of Outlander

Modern day battle reenactor Duncan MacHarg thinks he has it made-until he lands in the middle of a real Highland battle and comes face to face with their beautiful, spirited leader. Out of time and out of place, Duncan must use every skill he can muster to earn his position among the clansmen and in the heart of the devastatingly intriguing woman to whom he must pledge his oath.

Abby needs a hero and she needs him now. Duncan is not that hero-yet. He’s a man with no measurable battle skills and a damnably distracting smile. But she sees in him a fighting spirit, and Abby will do whatever it takes to turn him into a Scots warrior herself-one demanding and intimate lesson at a time.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Tamara Mataya’s Top 5 Favorite Romance Novels

Missed Connections Tamara Mataya

Tamara Mataya here. I once heard someone say when asked their favourite book: ‘The next one.’ It’s not a feeling I share as I’m pretty loyal to the books I’ve fallen in love with, but I loved the idea of that because it feels so hopeful. The next book will always be filled with promise. Maybe it’s because the next one, before you crack that baby open, has all the potential in the world to become your absolute favourite book of all time. In a saturated market where readers are spoiled for choice in literally every subgenre, what do we read next?

I’m here to help!

I’m a public librarian as well as a writer, and my favourite days at work are the ones where people let me choose books for them. I’ll read nearly anything, and enjoy putting the right book into someone’s hands at the right time. Whether it’s for education or pure escape, making a match is a beautiful thing. I am literally surrounded by tens of thousands of books every day at work and sometimes I look around, wondering which book I’d love if only I took it off the shelf. We may not be in my library, but in random order, here are my top five favourite romance novels!

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