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Five Favorite M/M Couples

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I have been reading a lot of queer romances lately and as you can imagine I have a number of favorite M/M couples by now. Here is the list of my latest Top 5 favorite M/M couples, arranged in a totally random order.

  1. Raffi and Denny from Level Hands by Amy Jo Cousins

I love a well-done New Adult – all the turmoil of youth, the process of finding yourself and your place in the world. And I particularly enjoy young romance – first (big) love, first time having a steady significant other, first time navigating a serious relationship. Raffi and Denny are both great characters on their own – complex, multi-layered and their coming together was no easy feat for either of them. I liked that they managed to be open about their feelings (fears included). They share more than one heated encounters but also had a few quiet romantic moments which make me smile and swoon – two big muscled rowers dancing bachata in the empty locker room is a sight to see in my mind.

  1. David and Murdo from the Enlightenment series by Joanna Chambers.

This is a brilliant slow-burn historical romance set in Scotland.

Most fans of the series seem to fall for Lord Murdo – a big, virile Scottish lord, unapologetic about his preference for men, kind and caring but I’m a Davy’s girl myself. He had a long way to go in the series to embrace love and happiness but his sense of loyalty, his insistence to be true to himself (even while denying his own nature), to be independent despite everything made me love his so much. Together they make a fascinating couple, the dynamics of their relationship reflected the norms of the times but was also full of tenderness and care and love that both of them had difficulty putting into words and believing it possible.

  1. Jamie and Ryan from Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.

This is another New Adult sports romance.

It’s a story of self-discovery (Jamie is bi) and coming out and I love how this process was presented. There was no unnecessary drama, no artificial angst – just two childhood best friends getting back together after a bitter separation this time as something more – as lovers.

Ryan did make his share of mistakes and acted like a fool a few times but it all comes with being young and inexperience (in love, at least). Jamie, oh sigh, Jamie was most wonderful – open, not freaking out about being attracted to guys. And he was awesome with the kids he was training at the hockey camp. And he was realistic about becoming a professional hockey player. In short, I loved everything about him, including the fun and sexy and goofy times he had with Ryan.

  1. Michael and Nunzio from Sutphin Boulevard by Santino Hassell.

I have all the feelings for this raw and gritty friends-to-lovers story. This is not your typical fairytale romance but one that is all the more powerful because it’s real. Nunzio is the friend anyone would want by their side – loyal and supportive and honest and in love with his best friend, not the mention how handsome and totally sexy he is. Michael’s life is a mess and he quickly looses his way and has to fight with everything he has to get his life on track. Ms Hassell doesn’t shy away from the sometimes ugly, sometimes cold realities of life in the big city. But he brings those two friends together as lovers in a most engaging and what feels natural way.

  1. Daniel and Elijah from the Mnevermind series by Jordan Castillo Price

These books fall in genre of their own – dystopian, speculative fiction which still feels very hear and now.

Daniel and Elijah are not typical romantic heroes. Daniel is in his early 40s, living back with his dad after the failure of their business. He’s given up both on love and life in general. Elijah is on the autistic specter, divorced, working in the same field as David – mneming. They meet by chance and are both surprised by the mutual attraction. The romantic relationship stuck me with its honesty, with the slow coming together of these two very different people. They have a strong connection but building a relationship takes effort and work.

Honorable mentions go to Toby and Laurie from For Real by Alexis Hall, Tom and Reese from Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins, Harry and Julius from A Fashionable Indulgence by KJ Charles.

So, who are your favourite M/M couples?

4 Responses to “Five Favorite M/M Couples”

  1. Viv

    Great list! I love David and Murdo also. Ty and Zane from Cut and Run (Abigail Roux) are my ultimate favorite couple.
    Honorable mentions:
    Tommy and Prophet-Hell or High Water series (SE Jakes)
    Lucien and Stephen-Magpie Lord
    Logan and Tate-Temptation series

    • Ellie Reads

      Thank your comment and recommendations! There are many great mm stories out there for me still to check out.

  2. Ami

    Adrien English and Jake Riordan (from Josh Lanyon “Adrien English Series”) is the ultimate MM power couple for me. The rest are just trailing their path ^^

  3. Bibliojunkies

    Great choices! I still need to read Him and Sutphin Boulevard. I’ve heard so many good things! My top five would be:

    Ty and Zane from the Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux and Madeiline Urban
    Quent and Jace from Gambling Men by Amy Lane
    Tom and Reese from Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins
    Matt and Evan from Faith, Love and Devotion series by Tere Michaels

    And I can’t fill that #5 spot because there are so many I want to add – LOL.

    Love this post. Thank you for sharing!


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