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Exclusive Excerpt: TWOFER by Daisy Harris

Twofer Daisy Harris

Twofer by Daisy Harris is out today from Samhain Publishing and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt for you! We hope you enjoy! Be sure and get your copy of Twofer today!

When Frankie got home, Jeremy lay in bed with the covers pulled up to his chest and his laptop propped on the storage cube playing the same Titanic soundtrack he always listened to when he was depressed.

“Hey, hon.” Frankie tossed his jean jacket on the floor next to his books. “So the date with Yacob sucked?” He frowned.

“Sucked doesn’t cover it.” Reaching to his computer, Jeremy paused the music. His eyes were puffy and a little pink, his expression so miserable, it hurt to look at him. “You know he has a boyfriend? In Russia?”

“Aw.” Frankie sat on the foot of Jeremy’s bed. “I’m sorry. I guess it’s better you found out now, though, right?”

“He was going to f**k me too.” Jeremy’s pink lower lip stuck out. “While staring at a picture of his boyfriend.” All at once, Jeremy shoved up higher in the bed so he could sit. He waved his hands as he spoke. “Who does that? It’s sick. And he wasn’t even going to tell me.”

Thoughtfully, Frankie massaged Jeremy’s feet. Jeremy was so wound up. The guy needed a good old-fashioned sex-fest to get all the tension out of his system. Hell, Frankie would have offered himself if he could get his head around topping. “Think of this as a good thing. You’ll be smarter next time.”

Jeremy’s jaw hardened. “There’s not going to be a next time. F**k it. I’m going to date girls.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” Frankie patted Jeremy’s knee. “Maybe what you need is to get out and date more. Screw around a little.”

“You mean let some random guy f**k me?” Jeremy twisted his mouth to the side. “I’m not sure—”

“Well, you don’t have to f**k them if you don’t want to. But you should probably get f**ked by someone.”

When Jeremy’s jaw dropped, Frankie lifted his hands in protest. “Hear me out.” He resumed rubbing Jeremy’s feet and knees, like Frankie could make his ideas rush into Jeremy and take hold. “The first time you do anything is bound to be weird. I hate to tell you this, but giving a proper blowjob isn’t as easy as they make it seem in porn.”

Jeremy’s forehead wrinkled. “I guess. I just figured—”

“You’d find someone patient?” Frankie offered, somewhat sarcastically. “You’d find the perfect man, who’s experienced and confident but willing to gently walk you through it?”

Jeremy’s loud sigh made it clear that was exactly what he’d been hoping. “Is that too much to ask?”

Frankie cocked his eyebrows. “Um, yes?” He struggled with how to explain. “Guys who’ve been around the block a few times are generally looking for other guys who are the same. Most tops don’t want to deal with breaking in virgins.” Frankie grimaced as he remembered his first time. Between the pain and his nervousness, Frankie hadn’t been able to get hard much less orgasm. The guy’s grim frown when they were done had dripped with disdain.

“That sucks.” Jeremy closed his laptop, slouching.

“It is what it is,” Frankie said fairly. “But that’s why you need to be realistic. Get on some hookup app—Grindr, Scruff, Jack’d—and find some guys. Bite the bullet.” Frankie snickered. “Or the pillow, in this case.” He glanced across the room to Jeremy’s wall calendar. “Look.” Frankie pointed. “Just for a month, I want you to go out with as many guys as you can. Any guy who asks you, any guy who stares at you for more than a few seconds.” Frankie sat taller. “With an app it’ll be easy. You don’t have to sleep with every guy you meet, but you’re sure to get blown enough you won’t be ready to jizz yourself the next time you meet a guy you do like.”

Jeremy chewed the edge of his fingernail. “I guess. Who knows, maybe I’d meet someone cool?”

“Exactly.” Frankie inched closer. All year, he’d been hoping Jeremy would get out of his shell and start dating. Frankie loved getting his way. “By next month you could be done with this whole pesky virginity issue and ready to find your Mr. Right.”

“I suppose.” Jeremy cleared his throat. “So…should I make a profile now?” He reached for his phone, which was neatly plugged in next to his computer.

“No.” Frankie held up both hands in protest. Who knew what trouble Jeremy could get into in his morose mood? “Let’s go get you a haircut tomorrow, spiff you up. Anyway, you’re still upset about Yacob. So sleep on it, go to classes in the morning. I’ll take off work early, and we’ll get you all set up.”

“But tomorrow’s Friday. Don’t you think I should…?”

Frankie shook his head. “Gay men hook up every day of the week.” He checked the time. “And it’s two in the morning.”

“Yeah.” Jeremy eyed his phone like it would bite him. “I guess that’s right.”

Smiling, Frankie patted Jeremy’s knee. “This’ll be great, hon. Trust me. Tomorrow, we’ll get you all figured out.”

Daisy HarrisI’m just your average mom and gay romance writer, living large in the Pacific Northwest! When I’m not writing my latest spicy masterpiece, I can be found riding my exercise bike and testing the outer limits of my food processor’s potential.

My works include paranormal and contemporary gay fiction—most involving characters who fall in the New Adult age range. Upcoming works include Twofer and Investigating Julius Drake.

For media info, fanmail, to sign up for my newsletter, or anything else besides stalking me or sending homophobic diatribes, email me. Otherwise, follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or on Facebook.

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