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EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Gone with the Ghost by Erin McCarthy

 Two things I was obsessed with as a kid- ghosts and murder mysteries. Yes, I was a weird child. Yes, my mother debated therapy for me at one point given my active imagination and macabre hobbies, but she decided to trust her gut and let it play out. Now she’s happy to know I’m not a psychopath, I’m just a writer. Starting a new series and branching into mystery from romance was an easy leap for me. I always loved adding an element of mystery to my romance novels and I’ve been a mystery reader since childhood.

When my daughter was a baby and I had zero money, I went to the library three or four times a week and eventually checked out every Agatha Christie book they had (close to 60, I would guess) and then worked my way through all their cozy mysteries. If it had a kitten or a cupcake on the cover, I was all over it! So when the opportunity came along to create a mystery series, my heroine Bailey popped into my head immediately. An amateur sleuth with a love for fashion and HGTV yet who grows intrigued by mayhem and murder? Very close to my heart. While I’ve always been fascinated by ghost stories, I honestly am not even sure where the idea for the ghostly sidekick came from. Suddenly Ryan was there talking and the first book just about wrote itself.

If your best friend came back as a ghost, what would be the first thing you would do with them?

Here’s a snipped of Bailey and Ryan’s friendship:

Excerpt from GONE WITH THE GHOST: 

“You really have lost too much weight.”

“What?”  I spun around and found Ryan staring at me critically.  So much for his closed eyes.  The aqua and yellow shirt was in my hand.  Not on my body yet.  Which meant I was only in panties and a bra, and he was staring at me.  Damn.

“You look too skinny.  Men like women with something they can grab onto.”

Nice to know even in death he found me unattractive.  I rolled my eyes at the hangers.  “Thank you.  I’ll remember that next time I’m looking for a man to grab me.”

“Hey, I just had a thought.  I wonder if I can still get a hard on?”

Good grief.  “You could have kept that thought to yourself.”

“No, I’m serious.”  Ryan sounded agitated, but I refused to look at him.  “Man, I don’t know which would be worse- never getting it up ever again, or getting it up and not being able to do anything about it.”

We were wading into waters I could very easily drown in.  “I’m sure there’s a hot ghost or two in purgatory you can investigate this issue with.”

“I can’t wait that long- this is scary.  Quick, just turn around, and take your bra off.  Let’s see what happens.  I have to know.”

Nothing could get me into my shirt and wide-leg trousers faster than that.  “You’re not going to be aroused by me.  We’re friends.  It’s not the same.”  Unfortunately.  “So forget it.  I’m not taking my bra off in front of you.  Pop into the Crazyhorse Saloon tonight and get the answers to all your sexual questions.  That’s what sixteen year old boys do.”

I smoothed my shirt in place, finished buttoning my white pants and turned to him.  “Look, I’ll help you do whatever it takes to find your killer, but I have to draw the line somewhere.”

“I’d take my pants off if you asked me to.”  

It was tempting, but I controlled myself.

Erin McCarthyUSA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy first published in 2002 and has since written over seventy novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult romance, paranormal, and contemporary romance. Erin is a RITA finalist and an ALA Reluctant Young Reader award recipient, and is both traditionally and indie published.

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