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Reading Recommendations from Vivien Jackson! | Perfect Gravity

CVR Perfect Gravity
Want to know my most recent and favorite reads? All righty, I’ll take a stab. ☺

I try to read wide, so at any given time I’m usually in the midst of one romance, a science fiction or fantasy novel, maybe a thriller or literary whatsit, and always of course a nonfiction something.

In my own little region of the cosmos, science fiction romance, I just started reading Sherry Thomas’s SFR novella, The Heart Is a Universe, which showcases her signature crazy-awesome wordsmithing and complicated characters, only this time in, you know, outer space. The story begins with a dance on an alien world, which I think might be a metaphor for my reader experience so far: all these disparate stylistic elements moving together beautifully. In fact, it was really hard to yank my eyeballs away from reading so I could write this blog post.

In the fantasy genre, the book I most recently enjoyed was the first of Scott Meyer’s Magic 2.0 books, Off to Be the Wizard, which offers a fresh take on the “we are all just players in a mega-realistic video game” concept. The story is fun and fast-moving, a series of situational puzzles that the protagonist solves in increasingly clever ways. I especially appreciated the character of Gwen, who, despite being the only named female other than the protagonist’s mother, is portrayed as both independent and clever, and her subplot wraps up in an unexpected but satisfying way.

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