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I Love Books Because of Ms. Austen by Traci Ganuza | Book Plus Heart

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I wasn’t always a reader. I was way more of a Disney movie TV junky kind of kid. That changed. The first true book I read and couldn’t put down was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Not only was I obsessed with the book I went and purchased the 6 hour DVD, the Bollywood version, the Kiera Knightly, and many more. I couldn’t help it. I loved the thought of a strong independent woman that told off a guy. She was herself. That is always what I wanted in a good story: a woman being herself and the man falling in love with her for it. So Yes, I became obsessed to the point that my best friend and I watched Bridget Jones Diaries ten too many times. We had it memorized and we paused it at the right moments to see Mark Darcy (a.k.a Colin Firth) with his O’ So handsome expressions. I told my husband I would divorce him if Colin Firth ever became available. HA. I know right, such a silly thing to say. Oh but how I love Austen. I enjoy her books so much that I did multiple research papers on her and her characters throughout college. I dissected Emma and provided evidence of her being a feminist. I would compare Persuasion’s Ann and Mansfield Park’s Fanny, to other female protagonist and the silent power they possess. So yes, in my eyes, every one of Jane Austen’s stories and characters has a powerful story to tell us.

So, now that you understand my thinking I am going to share with you my top 5 favorite Pride and Prejudice inspired modern day romances.

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