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Best Beachy Reads Hands Down

I absolutely love the beach. My dream holiday is white silky sands, crystal clear waters, a comfortable sun lounger and a book. And maybe a cold cocktail glass in hand. And a hot guy regularly refilling said cocktail glass. Oh, and Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, holidays come and go faster than we can imagine, and before we know it we’re back at home, our jobs and commitments lurking around the corner. To beat the holiday blues I usually go for a sexy, summer read, preferably set on a beach somewhere in the world.

I’ve recently read and loved quite a few holiday books, so here are some of them:

  • The God of Jazz: Fugue, Concord by Varian Krylov.

I adore Varian’s books. She’s such an incredibly talented writer! If you haven’t read anything by her yet, you’re missing out. The God of Jazz is not strictly a holiday beach read, but it’s set in Barcelona and there’re plenty of sexy, beachy scenes. Varian currently lives in Barcelona and she’s managed to capture the very essence of the beautiful city. Be careful though – once you read it you’d be tempted to book the first flight to Barcelona.

  • Beyond the Sea by Keira Andrews.

Beyond the Sea is set on a desert island. The two MCs are the only survivors of a plane crash and are trying to stay alive with the limited supplies and survival abilities they have, hoping rescue is on the way. I loved this book and I can safely say I’m better equipped to survive on a desert island now that I’ve read it.

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