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Q&A with Tawna Fenske!

What was your favorite aspect of pulling all of this story together?

The Hook Up is the final installment of my First Impressions series, which makes this the second full series I’ve written for Entangled Publishing (though for the record, they’re all standalone books that can be read in any order). Now that I’ve completed two series, I can honestly say that the last book has been my favorite to write in both instances. It’s a combination of hitting my stride with all the characters and really feeling comfortable in the world I’ve created, plus it’s fun to pull all the loose ends together in one big finale.

Most frustrating?

Ex-Navy man turned video producer Ty Hendrix is the hero of this story, and there were times I wanted to grab him by by the ears and shake him. The lousiness of his childhood left him understandably reluctant to get involved with a single mom, but during the black moment when he walks away, I was shouting at my computer, “you get back in there, you big wuss.” Luckily, he more than makes up for it in the end.


If you could only read five books for the rest of your life, what five books would they be, and why?

All I have to do is turn to my right and see which books are most dog-eared on the bookshelf. Judy Blume’s Summer Sisters is one of my all-time favorites for its blend of heart and humor and the endearing multiple viewpoints. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander has been one of my favorites for twenty years, and I’ve loved watching it come to life in the TV series. I’ve adored Kurt Vonnegut since high school, and my copy of Player Piano is so dog-eared it’s practically in shreds. Jennifer Crusie’s Welcome to Temptation is one of my favorite romantic comedies written by one of the goddesses of my genre, so I tip my hat to her quirky humor and heat. Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams is another favorite I’ve literally read hundreds of times, and it breaks my heart every single time.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Why THE LIST Author, Tawna Fenske, Should NOT Make List of Her Own

The List Tawna Fenske

Sometimes I think I should have been a doctor instead of a romantic comedy author. I mean, I have no aptitude for science, and needles make me woozy, but I could totally rock the bad handwriting.

Which I why I probably shouldn’t rely my own grocery lists, to-do lists, or other organizational tools that require handwritten words. Besides the abysmal penmanship, I have a tendency to get distracted or to use unclear phrasing in my lists. The results can be confusing. And comical. But mostly confusing.

Here are a few choice items that have appeared on my recent lists:

  • This word showed up on my grocery list, and I spent a good twenty minutes perusing the store looking for something resembling seemach. Turns out it was my chicken-scratch way of writing “spinach.”Semach
  • Buy ball, strap. It was for yoga, I swear. But I had a solid minute of trying to recall when I decided to get into hardcore bondage.Buy ball strap
  • Reply to sketchy lady. This was on my to-do list at the day job, where I work as the PR & Communications Manager for my local tourism bureau. I had a tough time narrowing down which sketchy lady I meant to remind myself to contact.Reply to sketchy lady
  • FAM planning. In the aforementioned PR world, a “FAM trip” is a familiarization tour designed to acquaint a group of journalists with a destination. Common enough lingo in the day job, but I was in author mode when I glanced at it. Immediately began pondering what sort of birth control/family planning plotline I meant to include in my manuscript.
  • Mom = Not a raccoon. This was on a list of plot ideas for a book I was working on a few months ago. I still have no idea what it meant.Mom not a raccoon

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