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Sonya Weiss’s Favorite Romantic TV Couples

I started reading romance novels in my teen years and I was drawn to the happily ever after that ended each book. I look for the couples and that same happily ever after in the television shows that I watch today. Romance writers can learn a lot by watching television shows like character development, rising stakes, when to move a couple forward, when to pull them apart and more.

A friend kept telling me that I just had to watch NCIS and I kept blowing it off. I wasn’t interested in a show based on solving crimes. I ended up getting hooked on NCIS because I saw a short clip of Tony and Ziva on YouTube and I had to find out more about that couple.

There are some TV show couples that are my all time favorites and I just love how the push and pull of the romance between them plays out.

Nikita starring Shane West and Maggie Q is fantastic. The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts right from their first on screen encounter. I love that she’s such a kick ass heroine, too.

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