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How I Fell for Paranormal Romance | SD Grimm

Hey guys! I am so excited to be on the Ever After Romance blog today! And I’m thrilled to be able to talk about one of my favorite things: paranormal romance.

I mean, I never thought of myself as one of those types who loves reading romance (shhhhh! Don’t hate me!)—I’ve always been drawn to fantasy and science fiction stories—but I LOVE romance in those stories. Then I discovered paranormal romance. I heart them.

The first one I ever read was thrust into my hands literally by some friends who deemed that I just had to read this book. And that I would love it. The book? Twilight. Did I like it? I mean, haters gonna hate, people. It might not be my favorite paranormal romance, but I can definitely thank my friends for introducing the genre to me. It wasn’t long after devouring the Twilight series that I stumbled upon the book that would make me fall for the genre as a whole.

The book? Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I literally bought the book because of the cover. The vines. The wolf. THE SPOT OF BLOOD ON THE LETTER “I”! Yeah. Sold. Take my money, already. And I LOVED it.

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