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Victorians Like You & Me | Sandra Schwab

YuletideTruce-FINAL (1)
London, 1845

It’s December, Alan “Aigee” Garmond’s favorite time of the year, when the window display of the small bookshop where he works fills up with crimson Christmas books and sprays of holly. Everything could be perfect — if it weren’t for handsome Christopher Foreman, the brilliant writer for the fashionable magazine About Town, who has taken an inexplicable and public dislike to Aigee’s book reviews.

But why would a man such as Foreman choose to target reviews published in a small bookshop’s magazine? Aigee is determined to find out. And not, he tells himself, just because he finds Foreman so intriguing.

Aigee’s quest leads him from smoke-filled ale-houses into the dark, dingy alleys of one of London’s most notorious rookeries. And then, finally, to Foreman. Will Aigee be able to wrangle a Yuletide truce from his nemesis?

Thank you so much for hosting me today, EverAfter Romance, as I celebrate the release of my Victorian holiday romance Yuletide Truce!
Let’s talk about the Victorians, shall we? The Victorians are often said to be straitlaced and stuffy, with no sense of humor. But were they really? If you look a bit closer, you’ll soon find that the Victorians were as fun-loving as you and me, and they struggled with similar problems as we do today. This becomes abundantly clear through the social cuts of the satirical magazine Punch.

1) Graffiti? Yep, the Victorians had them!
Meet Mr. Briggs, who has just moved into the suburbs that were growing all around London. And he is not happy that some boys continue to scribble on his garden walls:
“The Intelligent Reader is requested to imagine that the Gates in the above Cartoon have just been thoroughly cleaned, and fresh painted. On his return from the City, Mr. Briggs finds that rude boys (totally regardless of his feelings), have been farther decorating them.”
(By the wonderful John Leech)

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